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A lot of advertising and mailings promise to reveal the secrets of something. Most of this kind of mailings deal with search engine optimization. They promise to know how to achieve a high ranking at Google. They tell the readers that they have a special access to Google or that they have cracked the algorithm how Google ranks websites.

Secrets are always exciting!

People are attracted easily by secrets. There is something special with them. Cracking the secrets of the Google algorithm seems to be a mystery like finding the Holy Grail. It is the Holy Grail of the internet community indeed! No wonder that a lot of e-books are offered that promise to find the grail that leads to a ranking among the top ten at Google search engine!

Why do merchants sell the knowledge about a secret?

Have you ever asked yourself why these Gurus and authors sell the secret how to get ranked on the top for a few dozens of dollars? Why do these people not keep and exploit the secret for themselves? They could become incredibly rich be keeping silent, because there is no advantage, if everybody knows and uses the same secret.

Or is it similar with the systems that promise high winnings in lotteries or Roulette? Some people make also a lot of money by selling such systems. If their systems were waterproof, they would monopolize and exploit it and not sell books about it.

Otherwise: Firms usually protect their secrets about their produces with patents and licenses. They only sell the right to use their patents for a fortune, not for dozens of dollars.

Selling the secret as good business

Selling the secret methods to success and wealth is a business of it's own. There is a lot of literature about how people can find their way to a lucky and wealthy life. Thousands and thousands of people try to get rich in the online business. They are eager to learn how it works and how they can expose their websites in the best way. And a lot of skills are needed, indeed, to move a website to the top. It's obvious that all these tips and tricks ? enwrapped in the mysteries of secrets ? sell themselves.

If everybody does the same!

Have you ever thought what happens, if everybody does the same, if thousands use the same methods in order to get a top ranking in a certain category? Only a few of thousands will make it to the top, even if everybody uses the same tricks. It's by random to get to the top, apart from the right methods, dedicated work and persistence.

Open hints

The internet is full of free accessible hints about search engine optimization. A lot of stuff is spread out what has to be done in order to get high link popularity, high Page Rank and traffic to the website. Let's have a look to some credible sources! The Member Area of Srub The Web offers an Optimization Overview and a downloadable Search Engine Secrets Report. A link at the website of leads to a free link pop guide that shows how to increase the link popularity. At last, but not at least: The google page let's peep through the curtain.

A world without secrets?

If there were no secrets, people would figure out secrets. People need the excitement about secrets. Readers who enjoy hunting the secrets may dive in the thriller ?The Da Vinci Code? by the famous author Dan Brown. Enjoy the secrets of?

by Lil Waldner
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Lil Waldner is a business economist. She is experienced in project management and marketing. She has worked for public entities as well as for private companies. She has worked as editor of newspapers and she has written booklets and essays with economic and public issues. Visit her web site:

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