Relationship Coaching For The Individual  The I In ITOWERelationship Coaching For The Individual The I In ITOWE

This is a description of individual personal coaching. In the article I will explain what the ?I? represents and discuss some of the issues and problems individuals face as they embark on their journey from ?I-TO-WE.?

The ?I? represents the self and is the beginning of the journey.
It is the most important phase because it forms the
foundation of the relationship with ourselves and others.
This is where you understand the concept of a connected self,
false beliefs, personal responsibility and emotional intelligence.

I work with individuals to help empower them to
define their vision of the future, identify their values to live by,
eliminate negative false beliefs and develop positive attitudes.
They learn to accept personal responsibility for their actions,
understand how to live in the moment and
begin to experience a fulfilling and balanced life.

If you are not a free and complete ?I? then you will not be ready
to begin the ?TO? stage of your life, the transition phase of
finding the right relationship, and you will not be ready
to experience and be part of a successful ?WE?.

The ?I? Coaching is by far the most important of the 6 Stages of Relationships. If you are not a ?I? that is comfortable in your our skin and love yourself, you will not be able to freely give love to your partner.

My coaching philosophy is to find out who you are, where you are today and where you want to go. My job is to help you find your vision, decide on what you want, make a plan to get to where you want to go and be there for you to support and hold you accountable while you are on your journey to find the life you love.

The following 6 topics are the ones I feel are the most important to address in the process of defining your ?I? and preparing to make the journey to be a successful ?WE?.


Fear is the basis for some many of the problems we all have. Fear comes in many sizes and shapes and it has one thing in common with many of us. It prevents us from getting what we want and deserve. So many of us have roadblocks of our own making that gets us stuck and sometimes we just need a little help from someone who cares to assist us in exploring our fears and beliefs, listening and helping us to make some critical distinctions and decisions. We get caught up in asking ourselves so many questions that it seems like an endless supply of chatter that confuses us and we become ?frozen in the headlights like a deer.?


My definition of freedom is peace of mind. This state is only obtainable by living by our values, being in the moment and having the courage to face our fears and do it anyway. We need to be content, to just do what we can, want what we have and be who we are. When we focus on the past we are caught in the fear of anxiety. When we focus on the future, we are caught in the fear of worry.


We all want to minimize our fears so we will be able to freely give love and receive love. The problem with so many people is they have not resolved their unfinished emotional business from the past. When we do not spend the time to do the self-work necessary, we can find that our unresolved issues will impair our ability to sustain intimate relationships. Fear is the number one enemy that can prevent you from making the successful journey from I-TO-WE.


Who's responsible for you being happy and getting what you want? We all know how we would answer that question if someone asked it of us. But, how do you answer it to yourself. Do you really take personal responsibility for fighting your fears, gaining your inner freedom and finding intimacy? If you are like most of us, you sometimes try to blame someone, something, some place, anything but not yourself. I think we all can benefit from defining the rules for taking personal responsibility for our feelings and actions.


We have all made mistakes we regret. We have all done things to others and ourselves we wish we could have a do-over. We are all human and we all are still learning and growing. We have to learn to let go of the guilt and practice forgiveness for ourselves and others and say we are sorry and let go of the pain.


The passion of my work is helping people to move forward with their lives. To help clear the mud of fear and confusion from their windshield and watch them speed away into the sunset of their dreams. Isn't that what life is all about! You just have to believe, be motivated, kick down the wall of fear and just go for it! I am here if you would like someone to help and support you on this journey.

My article The Path to a Peaceful Soul and Successful Relationships will help you to understand how all of the above topics are woven together to lead you to the life you will love to live.

So, Are you ready to find and keep your:

Best Friend during the Day,
Lover at Night and
Partner for Life? ?

Glenn Cohen
??I-TO-WE? Relationship Coaching? /

by Glenn Cohen
References and Bibliography

I offer Free Quizzes, e-Programs; Special Reports, Newsletter and Free 30 minute Coaching Sessions. The Programs Page will list the special 5-session introductory programs I offer for all 6 Stages of Relationships. Please visit my website at to see how I help Individuals, Singles and Couples to find and keep their Best Friend during the Day, Lover at Night and Partner for Life.

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