Online Directories And Marketing OpportunitiesOnline Directories And Marketing Opportunities

Directories are very important sites like search engines to submit your websites, because they are visited by millions of people daily.

The biggest Directories on the Internet are Yahoo & MSN!. And Google is one of the world's biggest search engines. Major Directories are as important as the major Search Engines, to make your Website visible to millions of surfers and searchers, daily.

To get listed in the Directories and Search Engines you definitely need to make your Website ready for submission.

You may have the most beautiful design, attractive graphics, color-photos and some information at your Website, and many links to it, but these are not mean that your Website is ready to submit to search engines and directories.

Many websites submitted to search engines and directories do not get listed. The owners probably have made everything possible to get their Websites listed, and after waiting for months, they might have become disappointed when they could not find their sites in the major search engines and directories. They were most probably unable to understand why.

Then, perhaps, they made a pro submission paying money to some companies to have their Websites get listed finally, but they might have experienced another disappointment when they found their Websites not listed. They were certainly unable to understand, why!

Let's see, why! Did you make sure that you wrote the right keywords, and the meta tags, before submitting your Website? Does the information you have provided on your Home Page have a real value?

Does it explain the purpose of building such a Website, your mission, the products and/or services you offer, your experience in this business, your staff, your research, what benefits you offer to your customers, your clients, case studies, testimonials, brochures and/or catalogs you provide (if applicable).

Can your Website visitors easily find the rates, prices, discounts, guarantees, bonuses, incentives, and similar information at your Website?

Make sure that the links to and from your Website are quality links, I mean, linking your Website with other sites that related, more or less, to the same category with yours, and have high rankings.

Getting listed in search engines and directories, especially getting placements in the top ten listings, are important factors for your Website to get great amount of exposure. But, it's still a part of a marketing program you use to grow your business.

Did you make sure that you were submitting to the right category? Did you also make sure that you have never abused the search engines and directories, submitting your URL too often, and banned for this reason, or for other reasons?

You need a good Website Analysis and SEO Optimization by a professional company. If you cannot hire such professionals for any reason, you can get a free report from an Optimization Company, at:

If you carefully make these quality control tests next time, before submitting your Website, you can find your URL in the top ten, or at least in the top 20 listings at search engines, even with free submissions. Listings in Directories are mostly in alphabetical order.

To achieve a real success, you must use all other promotional methods. Millions of Internet surfers must see your business name and URL almost everywhere they browse. It may take some time and efforts, but the rewards you'd get at the end will be worth all the time, efforts and money you would have to spend to reach there.

All Internet millionaires in almost all business categories have built, and will build their fortunes, using, not one method, but as many marketing ways and methods as possible, at the same time.

It is certainly difficult and is a time consuming effort if you have to search the Internet for those effective marketing methods.

But, when you find thousands of powerful marketing sites, methods, safelists, e-zines, newsletters, training courses, training material, tutorials, places, instructions, all in one place, in one Website, ready for you to send your ads to millions of targeted recipients with only a few clicks daily, mostly for FREE, makes it absolutely very easy and fast to make any business a SUCCESS, in a short time!

by Sevim OR
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About the Author: Sevim OR, the owner and operator of several websites since 1997, offering clients super advertising options to substantially increase sales, revenues & ROI, no cost affiliate programs to earn big profits, at:

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