Secrets That Will Make You RichSecrets That Will Make You Rich

I don't like long boring introductions so hello and here we go?

You have already experienced the first golden secret which is why you're reading this small article. You may think you have a great idea but you have to get OPA OTHER PEOPLES ATTENTION. That is exactly what the title does here, short and to the point.

Next you have to make it irresistible to whomever you're selling the product, service or idea to. I know that seems obvious but let me assure you; your enthusiasm alone will not get that holiday home in the long run.

The ground rules for knowing HOW to make something irresistible are actually very simple. In spite of all the latest company ?buzz-words? the emotions drive the actions NOT the other way around.

Would you say that it is the left (logic) side of the brain that drive's a manager's decision on any given working day? Those of you who thought no'read on, those of you who thought yes well done!

Take a closer look?Why is ANYONE at work? To pay bills?well that's because we all have to. To succeed in business? Not really because most of the time it's not YOUR business. It is ALL down to collecting a voucher/s we call money! It is a perceived ?value? of this electronic set of numbers, this plastic passport to debt, this paper representation of perceived wealth.

What is driving all of this is the ?need? to be able to do things and ?feel? things we all want to do in life. In order to do that we have to EARN that right (who said it had to be something you earn?).

So anything your selling has to contribute to someone else's ?perceived wealth or in some part ADD towards that goal. So your language has to be focused towards that end. You can spend hours saying how good your product or service is and get no where simply because you have not found out what MOTIVATES the person your talking to.

So the bank manager who is great with logic is there because he is a LEFT BRAIN THINKER? No! he's there because he like to go and play golf at the weekends, he loves good holidays, he adores his boat and all this is possible because of that ?emotional? drive that keeps in going to work. Like most people in business we have left-brain jobs driven by right brain dreams!

Next time you go out and want to sell your product or services don't write-off the emotional drive and how powerful that is to your prospective clients.

by Jason Rife
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Jason Rife is a marketing hypnotist and NLP expert. running his site He writes and gives talks on the excelence of the human mind and how best to motivate new leadership qualities in others.

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