The Three Pillars Of Successful Resource ManagementThe Three Pillars Of Successful Resource Management

The first part of this article assumes that your company is listed on the stock-exchange. Please stay tuned...

As consumers we are continuously seduced by advertisements. And luckily we all know what we want and what we need so we can handle this continuous stream of challenges.

Perhaps less sexy but even so often, your business is seduced in the same way. You should buy this, you should go for six sigma, implement CRM, open in a new market, develop a new product, add additional services, and the only thing you know for sure is that your budget is limited.

One mistake and your opponent will catch up easily.

So how would you minimize business mistakes?

The first pillar is about minimizing these mistakes. It is the pillar of credibility. You know that when you company is listed on the stock exchange, that all actions are observed by the market. If your company announces a business strategy that is not credible, the stock price will decline (which will impact future resource management opportunities).

The first pillar of successful resource management is therefore that you should obey to credibility. All actions should be credible.

How would you know that this will be true?

Think again about the consumer market. You are offered a cream that will rejuvenate your skin (they say). Do you buy it?

  • No, because you are only twenty!
  • Yes, because you are nearly sixty and you will look like you were forty again (they say).
  • No, because the offer doesn't fit your profile; you don't care how old you are perceived by others, you are still young inside.

Why is it so easy to manage your personal budget, but for your team or organization you have to struggle so much? That's because your company might suffer an identity crises.

The second pillar is about your company profile. About style and character. The last defining the credibility of the first.

We all want to look like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, but we are just Peter, Warren or George.

Once you know what actions and decisions fit your organizational profile your organization is ready for the next pillar. Discipline.

If you have found out what rules have been successful and your credibility is accepted by the market, it comes to the discipline to act and organize accordingly.

If your company is not listed on the stock market, the same will still apply. Your actions should be credible for both management and employees. You can communicate what is coherent and credible. The real difference a company makes is not about flashing advertisements and new year's speeches.

The real difference is in the discipline to act according to this (corporate) identity.

? 2006 Hans Bool

by Hans Bool
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Hans Bool is the founder of Astor White a traditional management consulting company that offers online management advice. Astor Online solves issues in hours what normally would take days. You can apply for a free demo account

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