Holistic Love Ancient Approaches To The Modern PetHolistic Love Ancient Approaches To The Modern Pet

Pets are very often the ones that fall through the cracks on our busiest days. Every morning we face a mound of responsibility, and how do our modern lifestyles influence our super-modern pets? Less area to roam around in, limited time outdoors and even less companionship with busy dog and cat owners can have numerous physical, emotional and spiritual effects in general.

That is the reason that the holistic approach to our animals well-being is so vital. This approach recognizes that everything that happens around an animal has some kind of impact on his/her bodies, spirit and mind.

Chaotic family life, for instance, creates a frenetic energy all around a pooch. That energy literally influences that dog's whole being: behavior, general wellness & state of well-being and even shedding.

Holistic pet health practitioners see that the body contains a central force that keeps it in relative harmony. Some call that energy Chi or Ki. The way to a healthy, happy animal is simply to keep the energy in the right balance, moderating all the parts of the body as well as external energies. When an animal's health & wellness is compromised in any way, this chi force may sometimes become weak and/or misdirected, causing the body to lose that vital energy balance.

Our pets withstand damage every single day. Quite eat nutritionally inadequate dog food and cat food as well as treats that are packed with certain by-products and chemical preservatives. They leap from very high distances, walk over chemically treated lawns and so forth. As our animals get ever-older and stiffer, their ability to stretch or run up stairs is sharply reduced, particularly if they have had an inactive youth.

In addition, a long winter indoors can even help make animals emerge feeling a little creaky and less than agile. The holistic approach is a very old one and it really helps to bring in the old to help the new.

Doing energy work on your animal consistently, even if they happen to be in relatively good physical condition, may in fact make a major difference in your pet's existing health. It can also significantly enhance the relationship you have with your beloved animal. But realize that most pet owners are not very well versed in the old ways of Reiki or acupuncture.

by Ryan Joseph
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This article initially appeared in the March 2006 issue of the Healthy Pet Net Newsletter. More dog and cat health information can be found at Premium Dog Food Nutrition

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