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While planning to take a loan one needs to keep these points in mind. Do a lot of research and contact several lenders including banks, savings and loans, credit unions, and mortgage companies, etc before selecting a particular lender. Ask each lender about the type of loan that would best suit your needs. While making a decision, compare:

? The annual percentage rate (APR): An APR is the most important thing to compare different loans. It is determined on the factors like interest rate, points, fees, and other credit charges that the borrower is required to pay. The cost of the loan depends on the APR i.e. the lower the APR, the lower the cost of loan. Ask if the APR is fixed or adjustable ? that is, will it change? If so, how often and how much will it change ?

? Points and fees: These charges are not refundable if pay off the loan early. Points are generally are paid in cash at closing, but may be financed. If you finance the points, you'll have to pay additional interest, increasing the total cost of your loan.

? The term of the loan: The duration for which you will make the payments.

? The monthly payment: It is the amount that you will be paying every month. Ask whether it will remain same or will change with time.

? Balloon payments: This is a large payment generally made at the end of the loan term and if you can't make the payment, you may need another loan.

? Prepayment penalties: It is the extra fees that you may need to pay in case you pay off the loan early by refinancing or selling your home. These fees may force you to keep a high-rate loan by making it too expensive to get out of the loan. If your loan includes a prepayment penalty, understand the penalty you would have to pay. Ask the lender if you can get a loan without a prepayment penalty, and what that loan would cost. Then decide what's right for you.

? Whether the interest rate for the loan will increase if you default: An increased interest rate provision says that if you miss a payment or pay late, you may have to pay a higher interest rate for the rest of the loan term.

by Joanne Elizabeth
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