Learn To Leverage Time And Watch Your Business GrowLearn To Leverage Time And Watch Your Business Grow

Does this sound like you?

As a real estate agent, you're good at what you do. People trust you to find the best property in the best locations at the best price - and you deliver.

However, the better you are at your job the more difficult it can be to actually do your job ? negotiating contracts and selling properties. Once the sale is made there are many loose ends to tie up including transaction coordination and client follow-up. As a premiere agent you make sure these issues are dealt with, but it takes time away from your ability to negotiate new deals for new and existing clients.

Then there are marketing issues that you are responsible for. After all, if people haven't heard about you they are less likely to consider your services when a property acquisition is required. Once more, time is taken away from the actual selling so that you can work on a marketing campaign that will provide lead generation.

You'd even like to spend more time with your family, but the better you become at what you do the less time you seem to have available for the ones you love. You wish it were otherwise - you want it to be otherwise, yet there are so many details to work through.

A Cost Effective Dose of Freedom

You care about people and want to see a perfect property match for your clients. Your strategy is simple, yet profound. You work to match the specific need of your client with the best available property and there is great satisfaction when your strategy is fully realized.

There is a simple yet cost effective way to leverage your time both prior to and after a negotiation is complete. The idea of hiring an assistant has merit, but there are times when you don't really need one, and other times when two might not be enough. Let's not forget the time it takes to train an assistant either.

If you have never considered the benefits of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant you may be missing the key to solving several issues in one online solution.

A virtual assistant is able to perform various functions for you at any time, and they are available only when you need them. Whether you need help with your marketing strategy, lead follow-up or transaction coordination to name a few services, a web based virtual assistant can provide the high level skills required to harness available technology and the professional know-how to develop a plan that moves you forward while giving you the gift of time.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is just a call or click away and can provide the following online advantage.

  • Higher sales and revenue generation

  • Business structure and growth

  • More time available to list and sell homes

  • Higher referral rates

  • More leisure time with less stress

  • Long term clients

    Virtual assistants can take care of lead generation and follow-up, client database management, marketing plans, design work, online transaction coordination, and more. The primary dividends associated with the use of a virtual assistant is more time to sell, more time to spend with family and an increased sense of assurance that your overall objectives are being met and exceeded.

    How Much is Your Time Worth?

    There is an old saying; ?Work smarter, not harder?. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you do just that and they will only do so to the degree of your need. They are available when needed and stand ready to assist when you need them again. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant will help you sell more homes by taking care of the tedious details and administrative tasks that support your business'so you can continue the art of selling or indulge in the art of life.

    by Sarah Reiter
    References and Bibliography

    Sarah Reiter is president of Creative Agent Solutions, a virtual marketing company that specializes in real estate marketing and administrative services. Creative Agent Solutions is a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), the Southeast Valley Regional Association of Realtors (SEVRAR) and Scottsdale Association of Realtors in Arizona (SAR), as well as a Certified Virtual Assistant (CVA) with the Settlement Room ?. We specialize in transaction coordination, client database management, drip email campaigns, lead follow-up & tracking, closing gifts, direct mail campaigns, desktop publishing design work, as well as special campaigns/projects. Our services are 100% customizeable and are tailered to fit any budget. Our main goal is to leverage real estate agents time so they can be out listing, selling, and negotiating.

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