Floating Worm Tactics For Largemouth BassFloating Worm Tactics For Largemouth Bass

A major staple for spring time bass fishing is the floating worm. The tactic can work well in pre-spawn and post-spawn situations. I have most of my success with a watermelon seed color but that is probably due to the confidence level and the amount of time I spend fishing with them. One look at the Wal-Mart shelves will show you that the most popular colors are bubblegum and white. A 2/0 hook on relatively light line is all that is needed for this rig. A baitcaster can be used if the worms are heavy enough but I prefer a 6'6" medium spinning rod with 10lb test. I like to fish floating worms in the backs of coves and creeks lined with timber structure or boat docks.

A typical retrieve is much like the retrieve of a jerk-bait. As the worm is retrieved it will dip, dart, and spin much like a casting spoon. This spinning will kink the line and could cause a bird nest on the spinning reel. To prevent this I use a small black barrel swivel about 12 inches above the hook. The barrel swivel adds just enough weight to help with casting and will cause the worm to sink very slowly. This enables the fisherman to fish the bait on the surface with a steady retrieve or slow it down and fish it like a suspended jerk bait. Cast to the target and let it settle before beginning the twitch, twitch, pause, retrieve action. As the bait approaches the structure, I may change the cadence slightly pausing for several seconds letting the worm sink slowly down beside the structure.

by Jeff Morton
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