Second Mortgage  Valuable Tips To Help You Make The Right DecisionSecond Mortgage Valuable Tips To Help You Make The Right Decision

When considering the facts within this article, it may be quite surprising to find some of the issues you thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed as to which type of loans are best.

A second mortgage is a mortgage whose terms are subordinate to the first mortgage. Loans with a second mortgage are usually done when the homeowner needs money in order to pay for an existing loan.

What Type Of Loan Is Best - A Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loan Or Refinance?

This is a question every homebuyer is faced with when shopping for mortgages. Take this scenario: A homeowner is facing a credit card debt of $50,000. Should he take a $190,000 second mortgage to refinance an existing mortgage with a balance of $140,000? Or should he borrow the money from a $50,000 home equity loan?

In most cases, borrowers who took a mortgage when rates were lower will find a second mortgage better than a home equity loan. But to be certain, some factors need to be considered.

You need to compare the interest rate and points of the first mortgage with that of a second mortgage. Second, find out if there are any PMIs (Private Mortgage Insurance) involved with the second mortgage. Find out what loan term is most favorable for you on your second mortgage. Your income tax bracket and amount of cash you need from your second mortgage are also necessary factors.

Consider the case above. If the first mortgage at $14,000 was acquired two years ago, the interest rate would be 7 percent for 30 years without PMI. Let's say your income bracket is 39.6% (the highest) and you are capable of earning 5% more on your investments. Your house is now worth $213,000.

Hopefully the information presented so far has been applicable. You might also want to consider the following examples before you select a loan.

A second mortgage for $190,000 with settlement costs will require PMI. If you decide to get a home equity loan instead, you will get 30 years loan term at 8.25% and one point. For $50,000, your second mortgage will include additional costs for 15 years at 11.5% and one point. The result will be that over the course of five years, your second mortgage will have saved you $11,361 more than what refinancing will.

Take A Second Mortgage Or Get A New One And Pay PMI?

Getting a second mortgage has more advantages when it comes to taxes than a separate loan. But usually, this depends on many other factors.

Getting a second mortgage is better than getting a separate loan when the rate difference between the second mortgage and the first mortgage is small. If the loan term is short, then getting a second mortgage probably makes more sense than getting a separate loan. Balance is paid off faster with shorter term loans. Since second mortgages have considerably higher rates, the shorter the loan term is, the better it is to get a second mortgage loan.

Other factors that affect the advantage of second mortgages over separate mortgages are tax brackets, closing costs, and expected appreciation rate.

For example, you have a tax bracket of 15% and a 30-year first mortgage for $160,000 and a second mortgage for $20,000 at 11.75%, zero points, and to be paid off in 15 years. A separate mortgage would be for $180,000 with down payment at 10%. Interest rate for this separate mortgage would be at 8.25%, zero points, and 0.52% PMI.

When you calculate this, you can see that over the five years, a second mortgage will have saved you 16.97% more than a separate mortgage would.

With the right facts and information you will know you have made the right financial decision. The time spent educating yourself can be well worth your time and effort. Be sure to read more articles before you make your final choice of loan that is best for you.

by Dean Shainin
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