7 Secrets Of Getting Customers To Buy Now7 Secrets Of Getting Customers To Buy Now

These sales letter motivation techniques will get your prospects ordering without delay. If you don't give your potential buyers a reason to order? or call? or inquire? RIGHT NOW?

? they won't!

It's that simple.

Your offer must include reason why your prospect needs to respond immediately. If not, your sales copy lacks motivation. Just make sure it's an honest reason.

Using response mechanisms in ads and sales letters is the heart of direct response marketing.

You can also think of it this way. Great copy tries to prevent procrastination. People love buying things. So give them reasons to buy.

Here are the common sales letter motivation methods:

1) Add a time-deadline

If they don't order by a certain date they won't be able to either get the product, or get the product at the special price. Give a logical explanation to justify the time limit on your offer. If you don't have one your offer will be disingenuous. And it will lack credibility.

2) Limit the Quantity

This works if the product is limited. It even works for service suppliers if their time is limited (... they only have enough room on the schedule to serve a certain number of clients).

Give a logical reason again. Is your offer a 'liquidation sale?? A ?fire sale?? A 'damaged goods sale?? A 'make way for new inventory sale?? An ?only can serve so many clients this month? special offer?

3) Make the offer special by taking one product and bundling it with others for a limited time. This gives your customer more value for less money.

4) Include a premium or other bonuses if they buy early. A special gift or ?freebies? of some sort often motivates folks to buy before a certain date.

5) Let prospects know you're about to raise prices soon so they can save if they buy now. If you're planning to raise your prices then let customers know beforehand, and give buyers a chance to save before you do it. Many of them will respond if your products / service is in demand.

6) Tell people you'd like them to try out your product and you'll reward them with free shipping ( or a bonus, or free product support, or ?) if they buy now. Free shipping is a real value these days with transport costs rising. Savvy customers know this.

Remember, the reasons you use to justify your offer must be credible. Your prospect must have a valid reason. Sometimes this is referred to as 'reasons-why? advertising.

Use the word ?because? in your copy too. Say something like, ?we are letting these go at such a great price because the covers were damaged in shipping and we can't sell them in the store.?

Remember, your reason to buy now should be honestly presented in your sales copy. If you do this it won't have any problem being believable. Credibility is key.

Copyright 2006 Joseph Farinaccio

by Joe Farinaccio
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Joe Farinaccio helps businesses and entrepreneurs make money using direct response advertising. Discover how to sell products / services through direct marketing by visiting his website ... http://www.sales-letters-and-marketing.com

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