DVD R DiscsDVD R Discs

DVD-R Discs are single write only ? this implies that once data or video is written on to the disc, it will not be possible to erase and re-write the disc. Since DVD-R technology is becoming more commonplace, DVD-R discs are becoming easier to find and progressively cheaper.

There are two types of DVD-R discs: DVD-R for general use and DVD-R for authoring. Most consumers who have recordable DVD drives use DVD-R(G) discs. DVD-R(A) discs are typically used on professional burners and are more expensive. The two DVD-R discs are not mutually compatible, meaning that a DVD-R(A) writer will not write to a DVD-R(G) disc. However, these discs are readable in most DVD players and drives.

The capacity of standard single-sided, single-layer DVD-R discs is 4.37GB. It is also possible to get a double-sided, single-layer DVD-R disc with a capacity of 8.75GB. However, this requires the user to flip the disc halfway through the burning process. Manufacturers have developed double-layer discs that hold approximately twice the capacity of single-layer discs.

DVD-R discs have to be cared for the same way you would all other media that are read by a laser. DVD-R discs have powerful error correction and are therefore resistant to minor fingerprints or scratches. It is advisable that you handle DVD-R discs only at the edges or the hub. Also, DVD-R discs use light-sensitive dyes and are more prone to damage from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Different manufacturers use different colored dyes in the recording layer of DVD-R discs. The color generally has no effect on the quality of the disc. Some clear and dark blue dyes tend to last longer than others. However, more than color, you should pay greater attention to the manufacturer of discs you choose to purchase.

DVD-R discs are manufactured by Hitachi, Maxell, Pioneer, Sony, TDK, Verbatim and many others.

by Jimmy Sturo
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