Tumescent Liposuction InformationTumescent Liposuction Information

Tumescent Liposuction is one of the latest advances in Liposuction. The Tumescent procedure allows for increased volumes of fat reduction per procedure than was previously possible, while at the same time increasing the safety and well being of the patient. Surgeons are finding it to be an effective tool in the elimination of stubborn fat on the hips, thighs, stomach, upper arms, and other difficult regions on the body. Patients undergoing Tumescent Liposuction often see reductions of several inches from the hips, thighs and buttocks. In addition to the increased volumes of fat removal, the patient experiences reduced levels of post-liposuction bruising. This is possible due to the continued technological advances in Liposuction equipment and techniques.

Length and details of the Tumescent Liposuction procedure

In Tumescent Liposuction the procedure is further enhanced by the utilization of a special solution in the targeted areas.

During Tumescent liposuction, the targeted areas are injected with a special solution causing the fatty tissue to tumesce. (Swell up) The solution that is injected also includes a local anesthetic that numbs the treated area in addition to temporarily shrinking blood vessels. Next a small tubular device (Known as a Cannula) is utilized to transfer the targeted excess fat into a sterile collection system. With Tumescent Liposuction these components come together to result in fat removal, minimized blood loss, reduced bruising, and a maximization of patient comfort. Furthermore the local anesthesia that is contained in the solutions remains in the treated area for approximately 24 hours benefiting the patient in minimizing post-procedure pain.

Tumescent liposuction recovery time

The downtime is minimal and most people returning to their routines within five to seven days. An elastic compression garment is worn following surgery to help the skin contract and heal. After the tumescent liposuction procedure, most patients can usually return to a desk-type job within a few days. Patients may resume physical activity within five to seven days following the procedure.

Potential Tumescent Liposuction side effects

When performed by an experienced surgeon, tumescent liposuction is a very safe method of fat removal. The complications that may occur are irregularity in skin surface, unevenness, loose skin, numbness, infections and potential scarring. For the most part these complications are infrequent and are typically easily resolved.

Long-term results of Tumescent Liposuction treatments

Differences in physical appearance are often noted immediately. The final results of the procedure will be fully evident within six weeks. Depending on the individual patient's physical makeup it is possible to experience drops between two to four sizes in clothing. Since fat cells are permanently removed by Tumescent liposuction, weight gain will not occur in the areas which the procedure targeted. It is important that proper diets and exercise routines be maintained as it is possible for patients to gain weight and fat in other areas of the body.

Tumescent Liposuction cost

The price of Tumescent Liposuction will depend on your individual needs. It will also very on your geographic location. As with any procedure, Tumescent Liposuction in New York will cost more than Tumescent Liposuction in Texas. The national average cost of a Tumescent Liposuction procedure runs between $2500 and $3000 for the first procedure.

Will my insurance cover a Tumescent Liposuction procedure?

Because a Tumescent Liposuction procedure is considered an elective procedure, insurance usually will not cover the operation.

by Alan Hood
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Read more about Tumescent Liposuction. Renee Billancourt is a contributing writer at Houston Medical Center.

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