Can A Patch Of Faith Make Miracles HappenCan A Patch Of Faith Make Miracles Happen

Have you ever wondered how miracles happen? To my way of thinking they are an act of God.

Maybe if we have enough faith in God, we could help the miracle of his grace and kindness redound to our benefit. Maybe through faith, in our own small way, we could help make God's miracles happen.

Sometimes it's hard to have faith in what we cannot see or understand. That's why I have used my imagination to create a patch of faith. I use it to symbolize my faith in God.

In order to create a symbol of faith, you have to strip away your inhibitions and use your imagination. Your own personal patch of faith can be anything from an imaginary friend to an object such as an actual patch.

Stop using temporary measures to deal with your weaknesses. Stop using chemical patches to pull yourself together. Find the faith to imagine the only patch you will ever need ? a patch of faith.

God gave us the ability with his help to cope with our problems. It is up to us to use this gift that He has given us. It is up to us to fulfill our promise and find our path to God.

How often have you said to yourself I wish I had faith like Johnny? How often have you said to yourself I wish I were a Person of Faith like Amy?

You can learn to be all that God gave you the gift to be by believing in Him. You can discover the peace of mind that having faith in God can bring you. You can experience the bliss that comes from becoming a Person of Faith.

All you have to do is create your own symbol of faith that will help you believe in God. All you have to do is have faith.

When you find your faith, you will feel secure. You will be able to summon up the strength to cope with your problems. You will become a Person of Faith.You will feel inspired.

Stop trying to patch yourself together with temporary measures. Find the only patch you will ever need ? a patch of faith.

Stop trying to patch yourself together, and find your own personal patch of faith. Find your path to God.

*Please feel free to use this article as long as credit is given to the resource box.

by Arthur Levine
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Arthur Levine, Faith Builder Imaginest, is the author of the Faith Patch Manual. Find out more about how to find your faith by accessing:

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