Steaming In With Espresso Machine TipsSteaming In With Espresso Machine Tips

So what exactly is espresso coffee? An espresso coffee is sold at the caf? in a small cup and is an extremely strong cup of coffee. Espresso is used in making caf? latte, cappuccino and caf? mocha. Espresso is made in the espresso machine by forcing about two ounces of hot water through tightly packed finely ground espresso coffee. The resulting liquid is a deep brown color with a slight froth on top. Espresso makers differ in the water temperatures, the fineness of the espresso coffee, the pressure with which the water is pressed through the coffee and how tightly the coffee grinds are packed in the machine.

There are many different types of espresso machines available in the market place today in different sizes, styles and abilities. Just like any other appliance it is important to do your homework before venturing out on your shopping excursion. Start by asking yourself how often will you use your espresso machine, what will you be using your machine for, how much are your willing to spend and are you willing to trade quality for price.

If you rarely partake in the espresso ritual and prefer an occasional cappuccino or latte, then don't spend too much money on your machine. If you are a coffee enthusiast and have acquired a preference for espresso taste then a high end espresso machine is worth the investment. An espresso coffee machine doubles as both a coffee maker and espresso maker. If you have limited counter space and like the best of both worlds this machine gives you that option. Diligently compare espresso machines and find one with features that suit your particular need.

Do your homework before heading out. Make sure to read espresso machine reviews. These unbiased consumer reviews give valuable consumer insights. There are many places to purchase your home style espresso machine; kitchen supply stores, department store home sections, catalogues and online vendors. Make sure you purchase a machine that matches your level of expertise. Making espressos is considered an art with a professional espresso maker being referred to as a Barista. Being an espresso barista in some countries is considered a serious occupation requiring occupational training. Baristas learn and practice making a consistently high quality shot of espresso. They learn how to grind the perfect espresso coffee, how to pack the coffee right and how to operate the commercial espresso maker. Being a home espresso maker however does not require that you take Barista training. Home style espresso machines are simplified versions of the more complex caf? style espresso maker.

Once you have purchased your espresso machine remember to purchase the accessories that make the espresso/cappuccino experience more enjoyable. There are special espresso cups and spoons and espresso machine cleaning brushes and detergents that can be purchased from different vendors online. It is important to care for your espresso machine as recommended by the manufacturer for the machine to last longer producing delicious tasting espresso each time.

by Eric Comforth
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Eric Comforth is a consultant who writes on many consumer topics. Learn more about coffee makers at Coffee Maker Central

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