Finding Purpose In A NotSoRandom UniverseFinding Purpose In A NotSoRandom Universe

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Not-So-Common Sense

Science often lacks common sense. Some of its inanities make it into popular culture. One of its chief whoppers is the idea of a random universe. There is no random movement anywhere in the universe, and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you can grab hold of the steering wheel and drive your life.

Hand in hand with the random universe concept is the mock-Darwin survival of the fittest idea. As a result, people like to say, ?Hey, it's a dog-eat-dog world.? If that were true, however, by now there wouldn't be any dogs left. But there is no survival of the fittest world unless you include an 89 year-old chain-smoking couch potato as ?fittest.? The fact is, no-one fits the ?fittest? criteria, and yet people survive. People survive for one reason only ? because they want to. They survive because they decide life is worth living, and for no other reason.

We are not a conglomeration of chemicals squished into forms, interacting with each other based on chemical affinities with the sole object of perpetrating the species. No one has a child to perpetrate the species. Ask anyone with children, and they'll say, ?We wanted to have children.? They decided to have children to have the experience of having children. They desired it. The universe is run on desire. Birds come back to the same feeder because they desire the sunflower seeds. People come back to the same restaurant because they desire the risotto. There is nothing random about it.

Anyone with their eyes open and breathing can see that it's not a random universe. You move with purpose. You eat with purpose. That purpose can appear humble, but don't be deceived. Its consequences are profound. Say you drive a delivery truck and paint on the weekends. You enjoy your life but feel somewhat guilty when you hear the word ?purpose? because you have no desire to ?Save The World.? What is your purpose? Your purpose is to experience the joy of everyday life fully and to express it, smiling at customers, hugging your kids, loving the feel of a paintbrush against canvas. These seemingly small things are the purpose of life. Every human is supposed to find that contentment and express it, and that is the only thing that will ever save the world.

Say you claw your way to the top of your profession. Then you have betrayed your purpose. These misconstrued means are direct descendants of the random universe and dog-eat-dog ideas, and any triumph under their auspices is a hollow one. All activity is an excuse, a mere pretense, to express the contentment and happiness you feel within you. Your purpose is to find that contentment, and the only place it's to be found is in day-to-day living.

The universe is a giant venture, and everyone and everything, without exception, has a vital role in it. That vital role had nothing to do with fame, status, or saving the world. It has everything to do with listening to your own interests and inclinations. The real spotlight is on the ordinary. It's on daily life. That's where the action is. The focus, purpose, and meaning of existence are in the simple ways you treat yourself and then others. It matters not one bit what actions you take in life, but it matters a great deal how you take that action.

Your desires, wishes, and happiness are important to every person on this planet, and visa versa. Your joy is everyone's joy, and so is your misery. The purpose of life is to learn to love life itself, whether that life is expressed in you or someone else, whether it's expressed in an ant or a blade of grass. In a universe where nothing is random, your smallest act of spontaneous joy affects everyone.

by SC Giles
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