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In fly fishing, just like in any form of fishing, the rod that the fisher uses is vitally important. The rods that are used are significantly different from those used in live bait fishing. Fly fishing rods are long and light and combined with heavy lines that provide the casting weight.

Fly fishing rods have quite a noticeable length, between 2m (6 feet) and 4m (14 feet). The material from which they are built varies. Years ago they were made out of a certain type of bamboo, but now they are mostly made of graphite and fiberglass, and experiments are conducted with other materials such as boron, all to create the best equipment possible.

There are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a fly fishing rod. Saltwater rods are shorter than those used in freshwater fly fishing. The shorter length enables the fisher to combat the wind and the power of the stream more efficiently. They are also lighter, easing the load on the user. People intending to fish in saltwater should look for ring types supplied with the saltwater rod. At least one should be included with the rod.

It is necessary and must be emphasized that there is no one fly fishing rod that is better than the others. There are different circumstances in which different rods should be used. This, combined with the fisher's own casting style and strength, creates practically endless ?preferred? rod types. Heavier rods won't break easily but will tire the fisher faster than lighter, more fragile fly fishing rods. It all depends on the style and strength of the fisher.

It is a good idea for people to experiment with several different types of fly fishing rods to decide what fits their style and ability best. Some people may have a difficult time using the same types of rods that other fly fishers swear by.

by Ken Marlborough
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