How To Speak SpanishHow To Speak Spanish

Want to know how to speak Spanish quickly? Of course it can help to learn how to ask for the bathroom, and to say hello. Here are a few of those basic phrases, with the phonetic pronunciations:

Hola. (oh-la) Hello or hi.

Buenos dias. (bway-nos dee-ahs) Good day.

Cu'l es su nombre? (kwahl ays soo nohm-bray) What is your name?

Mi nombre es Jose. (mee nohm-bray ays ho-say) My name is Jose.

D?nde est? el ba?o? (dohn-day ays-tah el bahn-yoh) Where is the bathroom?

Muchas gracias. (moo-chahs grah-see-ahs) Thank you very much.

Learn How To Speak Spanish Quickly

To really accelerate your learning though, you need to know the basic phrases that will get the native speakers to be your teachers.

"C'mo se dice..." (co-mo say dee-say) - How do you say... and "Cu'l es la palabra para esto?" (kwahl ays la pah-la-brah pah-rah ays-toh) What is the word for that? are great phrases to know. You can say "C'mo se dice..." or "Cu'l es la palabra para esto?" and point at something, or use the English word, if the person you're speaking to knows a little English.

"Por favor, habla mas despacio." (Poor fah-voor, ah-blah mahs day-spa-see-oh) Please, speak more slowly. "Yo no entiendo." (yo no ayn-tee-en-doh) I don't understand. "C'mo se escribe?" (co-mo say ays-cree-bay) How do you write it?

Yo deseo aprender espa?ol" (yo day-say-oh ah-prayn-dair ays-spahn-yohl) I want to learn Spanish.

You'll need to learn grammar, and vocabulary, of course, but speaking a language is the best way to learn it. Spanish speakers are generally very tolerant, and love to help you learn. Here are four keys to quickly learn to speak Spanish:

1. Learn the basic phrases to ask for help.

2. Carry and use an English-Spanish dictionary.

3. Spend time with native Spanish speakers.

4. Start talking.

This is a sure formula to learn how to speak Spanish.

by Steven Gillman
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Steve Gillman has been working on his Spanish with his wife Ana Blum, a native of Ecuador. Together they have built a website where you can get free lessons in Spanish. Visit:

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