What Makes Effective Fly Fishing FliesWhat Makes Effective Fly Fishing Flies

As any experienced lover of fishing knows, the type of fly makes all the difference when it comes to catching fish. But what exactly makes a truly effective fishing fly? There's a lot more to making an artificial bug on a hook than you might imagine. Before heading out on your next fishing trip, do a little research online about the companies that make the fishing flies you are considering purchasing and compare their fly making process with the basic standards of a well crafted fishing fly.

Master Craftsmanship

Fly tying is an art that takes years to truly perfect. Just like a homemade apple pie from a tenured baker tastes better than any bulk manufactured pie could ever hope to taste, a professionally hand crafted fishing fly makes all the difference.

Fishing flies require a highly organic look and feel that machines can't completely replicate. People who have a passion for fishing and have been using fishing flies on a regular basis for years understand what works and what doesn't.

Chemically Sharpened Hooks

No matter how effective the fly, if your hook doesn't snare the fish then it's game over. Regular hooks, shaped only by mechanical sharpening, have slight ruts and imperfections. The process is similar to sharpening a knife on a sharpening stone.

Chemical sharpening is the process of taking a mechanically sharpened hook one step further by dipping it into a specific type of acid, making the metal ultra smooth and sharp. A well crafted chemically sharpened hook can sear through flesh and rigid bones quickly, meaning fewer close calls for fish and more catches for you.

Whiting Farms Feathers

A fishing fly made from a high quality grizzle rooster cape will outperform a dyed fabricated feather time and again. Whiting Farms feathers are the absolutely highest quality in fishing fly materials and are standard among fly tying craftsman.

The difference between Whiting Farms feathers and imitations is that Whiting Farms chickens have been specifically bred since the 1960's to achieve the precise color patterns most attractive to fish. Whiting Farms feathers keep their shape and move naturally in the water.

Environmentally controlled storage facility

A fishing fly is made up of organic feather material, glues, and metals that can be negatively affected by unfavorable storage conditions over long periods of time. Facilities that are too hot can cause glues to dry and crack. Too damp of an environment can cause the metals to tarnish.

To maintain their high quality, fishing flies must be stored in a controlled environment with adequate temperature, humidity, and air quality. Materials should be well packed to ensure that they arrive in tact with the feathers fluffed and hooks perfectly shaped.

Choosing the right fishing fly may very well make the difference in the quantity and quality of fish you catch on your next trip. Before investing in your fishing flies do some research on the craftsmanship of various companies and look for the essential elements that make an effective fishing fly.

by Christine Harrell
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Author is a small business internet marketing consultant and the cofounder of nGenuity Solutions.

For additional information on fly fishing flies please visit http://www.BlueFlyCafe.com

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