The Strokes New AlbumThe Strokes New Album

The Strokes have emerged this past year as one of my favorite bands. Just the other day, after picking up their third album, Impressions Of Earth, I came to the conclusion that these guys are battery acid bad. Half the time I don't know what their singer is saying--either that or it's too poetic to register in my simple brain; but what I do know is this, the music is stunning.

Their musical ideas remind me much of the late 80's underground scene, bands such as the Pixies and Pavement. On another positive note, the band is one of the tightest around today, up there with System Of A Down. They are an exceptionally creative and innovative band, yet simple.

The Strokes? first album, Is This It?, hit the charts a few years ago, and since then, they have pumped out two clever and rockin? albums, Room On Fire and recently--this month--Impressions Of Earth.

The new album has been deemed by many as 'the most rockin? yet.? I'd have to agree, although I think it's their most creative one. It's not often you find an album that is both artistic and wailing.

Compared to the other two albums, Impressions Of Earth strays away from the constant two-chord progressions (you fans know what I'm talking about). Each song has rip-ass guitar parts, and the drums are more experimental. The singer lets it all hang out in this album.

I don't know how I'd compare the overall sound of the new album. If you've heard the first albums, think those two mixed with some really raw but innovative sounds. I've been listening to the new album constantly, digging every minute, but I still have to say Room On Fire is my fave.

You know, though, that one grew on me, and so--who knows--Impressions Of Earth could outgrow it in time.

by Jason Parker
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