Six Hurricane And Disaster Preparation TipsSix Hurricane And Disaster Preparation Tips

If you live in the gulf coast area for any length of time, you'll probably experience a hurricane or two. There are all kinds of hurricanes, some mild as a thunderstorm, others major cataclysmic events. Being prepared is the key to hurricane and disaster survival. Read these tips to keep your home and family safe.

1. Emergency Kit- Although there is not much you can do during a hurricane, you may need an emergency kit for after the storm. While the first choice is to make one yourself, if you don't have the time, wilderness survival kits can be purchased at hunting or sporting goods stores and make a good substitute. Your emergency kit list should include first aid items, fresh water, snacks, matches, candles, medications, and a radio with spare batteries. Power, water, and phone lines may be out during the storm, so you may need these.

2. Train Your Family- With hurricanes and other disasters, you can never be overly prepared. Create a plan with your family, with a system of specific tasks to be done in order to ready your house and family for the hurricane. Pick a place for your family to meet in, in case of separation. Practice going to the place a couple times a year so everyone remembers what to do when a hurricane hits.

3. Know Your Area ? This means knowing your town's roads in case you need to flee the area. When the local authorities issue an evacuation order, take it seriously. Know alternate routes to safe ground, and where emergency shelters are in your area. Do not wait until the last minute to leave or may run into traffic slowdowns.

4. Supplies- If you live in an area that is prone to bad weather, you should make sure you always have adequate stores of food and water in your home. Making sure you have at least a 7 day supply of any vital medications is also a good idea. If you believe a storm is coming, fill up buckets, sinks, and bathtubs with as much water as you can.

5.-Educate Yourself - When a disaster like a hurricane strikes, you may find that you need a diversity of skills to survive. Signing up for a first aid class in CPR, basic carpentry or skills is a good way to be prepared while learning something new.

6. Fill ?Er Up- Living in an area near the coast, it's a good idea to never let your gas tank fall below half full. If your town gets flooded, the gas stations may become inoperable,, but you will still have enough gasoline to get out of town.

by Carlo Morelli
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