Trout Fishing Tips  In Search Of The Trophy TroutTrout Fishing Tips In Search Of The Trophy Trout

Have you ever dreamed of landing that big trout? Fishing for trout of any size is great fun, but I'm talking about those ten to twelve pounders, or even larger. You can do it, but first you have to find them.

Unless you live in the remote back country of the west, or some place where you have access to areas that have not had a lot of fishing pressure, then you have been limited to that kind of trout fishing, and like most of us, have settled for catching and releasing countless ten inch stock trout. Today we have to search out those places where the big fish can be found. Keep in mind almost all waters have a few good fish, the trick is how to catch them. If you fish the streams most of the time and have access to say three miles of stream, start your fishing a half mile or so from camp. You will be way ahead of most of the other fishermen in camp. Be sure to get out early as the best fishing will be right after day light. One other thing, very important, is to have a good selection of trout lures with you and maybe a few night crawlers. The fish, most times, will be just off the current, feeding. Try casting up stream above any eddy's or any rocks that might be exposed. Keep all slack out of the line and make sure your bait is getting down in the water. The bigger trout will be around cover of some kind. Continue fishing up stream, check and fish all pools and cut backs in the bank. Make sure after the sun is up your shadow does not show on the water. Don't forget to change lures after a while if you are not having any luck. A different bait in the same pool might get results. You might catch trout any time of day, although I have found, depending on the pressure, the best fishing is in the first three hours in the morning and the last two hours before sunset. Sometimes, again depending on the pressure, around three in the afternoon can be productive. These fish are likely ones that did not compete well in the early morning hours for any viable food. The farther you get up stream away from the crowd the better your chances are of catching bigger trout. If the water is high and a little fast you might want heavier trout lures, and if the water is a little murky you might try using a spinner bait that will be easier for the fish to see. Remember, they won't strike if they can't see the lure. Some times all it takes is the flash of the spinner to get a trout to strike and you never know it just might be that monster trout you have been dreaming about.

No matter what, you won't catch anything if you don't get out there and get your trout lures wet. Good luck and great fishing!

by Mike Eggert
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Mike Eggert is a web author, and contributor to the fishing lures information website

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