The Pros And Cons Of Large Volume LiposuctionThe Pros And Cons Of Large Volume Liposuction

Many people consider liposuction the perfect way to lose weight. That is not the case with many types of liposuction, like tumescent liposuction for example, which reduces fat only at a certain area of the body. Large volume liposuction is different though. It is a procedure that takes off large amount of fats from every part of the body, so that slimmer silhouette is acquired. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery any kind of liposuction which removes more than 5 liters of liquid from the body can be considered as large volume liposuction. This quantity of liquid is equal to 6 pounds of fat. A large volume liposuction can easily reduce the 30 pounds overweight of a person by extracting 10-12 pounds of fat. This may lead to a reduction of the clothing size at 1 or 2 numbers. Waist size can be reduced up to 6 inches. Large volume liposuction does not require any specific diets or exercise you have to take: the reduction of weight is permanent.

Large volume liposuction has a highly beneficial effect on your figure, but there are several negative side effects that you need to be aware of. First of all, large volume liposuction requires general anesthesia. It is a much more serious operation than tumescent liposuction, which requires only local one. Another point is that the recovery period is longer than with other types of liposuction: you may need to take several weeks off work to fully recover from the operation. The general anesthesia can hold you for several days, so you need to stay as outpatient in the hospital. Last but not least, and even more serious than the others, is that your skin type can turn out to be not elastic enough. Thus, saggy or loose skin may result on some areas of your body and you will have to take a tuck or lift to fix the affected areas.

To be absolutely sure whether or not to take the risk, you should consult with the following tips. There are five pre-conditions every patient should meet before going under a large volume liposuction.

First of all, your body type has to be suitable for those kinds of operations. You should consult with your surgeon.

The second condition is your surgeon's competence. He or she needs to be well trained and experienced in all kinds of liposuction techniques. To find a good surgeon is of vital importance, because there are many people practising these operations and a good choice of a surgeon is harder to make.

The third condition is to ensure a professional anesthesiologist who could understand the risks of large volume liposuction. Another point of interest is the surgery room and its hygienic conditions. You should check the certification of both the facility and the surgeon. Ask if they have the right equipment if any complications during the operation occur. And fifth, the support staff should be experienced with aftercare from large volume liposuction so that they would know what you need and how to alleviate your uneasiness.

So, as you have already noticed, a high volume liposuction is not a light matter. You should not take the risk if you haven't ensured all the pre-conditions. You should notice that it is a major operation that requires the necessary basis for recovery. You needn't also fall into the false assumption that large volume liposuction can eliminate obesity. There is a certain quantity of liquid that can be removed from the body. It cannot help with harder forms of corpulence. About 4.5 pounds is the maximum that can be taken off without risks. In other cases this amount can be increased, but still there are risks.

by Robbie Darmona
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