Artificial Intelligence And Joke Telling Robotic AndroidsArtificial Intelligence And Joke Telling Robotic Androids

We know that humans bond in many ways. Often while sharing a common event of adversity in which they over come something. Sometimes thru laughter, jest or a humorous event? What if we could program artificial intelligent robotic androids to seek out anomalous events and spin them into jokes and display a sense of humor? This might help humans bond with their android assistants?

Some say this is impossible to program into an artificial intelligent machine? Impossible is a funny word, as 200 years ago someone might say that an artificial intelligent robot was impossible, but I do not think anyone is saying this now. I have to ask those programmers; How do you propose to bond an android robot if you cannot achieve this? And we all know that a very pleasurable bonding tool happens thru jokes, laughter and humor.

This will be a challenge for future robotic artificial intelligent programmers, personally I am not accepting their work until they get there and believe we must hold their feet to the fire until they do. We should not accept mediocrity in programming and must challenge our up and coming, often boastful programmers to put up or shut up.

To say ?Humor is a sophisticated human trait? indeed, but Dolphins, monkeys and dogs do it. Surely we can design this too. I cannot allow the excuse of difficulty to shun such a responsibility of course and ask that you refrain from making excuses for programmers of artificial intelligence, we must have high expectations than this, we need humor from our robots. Consider this in 2006.

by Lance Winslow
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