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Your life is an expression of your mind. If you want to change your life, you must change your thinking. The quality of your life reflects the quality of your thoughts.

Everything starts with intention. Conscious intention aligns the heart, will, mind, and spirit. It is a powerful tool for co-creating your life.

The dictionary defines ?intention? as an aim that guides action. Intention simply signifies a direction or a course of action that one proposes to follow: It is my intention to take a vacation next month. The thought leads to the result.

You connect to intention by first imagining what you want and then allowing yourself to experience it as if it had already happened.

Over the past nine years as a coach, I have repeatedly witnessed the power of intention as my clients have listened to their wiser selves and then taken action to manifest their heart's desires.

It all starts in your mind. Anything you can conceive of in your mind has the possibility to be realized. By forming an intention, you are planting a seed that will blossom and grow. What you focus your energy and attention on truly comes to be in your life when combined with action.

A simple example of the power of intention that many of us have experienced is to decide in your mind before you go off to sleep exactly what time you want to wake up in the morning. Imagine, for example, that you want to be up by 7AM. Plant that seed in your mind and visualize waking up refreshed with your clock reading 7AM. Then go to sleep, and let the power of your mind go to work to follow through on your intended result.

Trust that if you set out your intention with clarity and make the space for it, whether it be the physical space or the emotional/spiritual space, and listen to your wise inner self, the messages will get clearer and your goals will be attained. Hold your dreams out as something possible.

Intention is about consciousness, choice, commitment ? and the will and dedication to follow through. By applying intention, attention, action, and gratitude to our daily lives, it is possible to create the lives we want and to achieve peace and contentment in a demanding, ever-changing world.

Align yourself with you deepest intentions, and your desires can be fulfilled

Your intention must inspire you and continue to inspire you. You can use the power of your intention to create the life you want right now!

How do you currently apply these principles to your career and to your life?

Take a moment to think about your life.

- What do you know could be different?
- What's possible?
- What are your deepest desires?
- What are you ready to change?

Begin today to take responsibility for what you intend in your life. Start each day with a brief intention to support your goals and personal development. It may be for how you would like your interactions with others to be, what you would like to have more or less of in your life, a dream you would like to achieve, or perhaps the qualities you would like to exhibit.

Keep your thoughts to yourself on what you intend to create.

At the end of each day, take five minutes to reflect on where you see the power of intention at work in your life. Recap your accomplishments using the principles of acknowledgement, acceptance, and gratitude. Your journal can be used for recording these thoughts or you can simply make some quiet time to reflect. Notice where and how your intentions have come true.

To reach your dreams, begin walking in the direction you want to go!

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by Jan Marie Dore
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