Treat Your PMS NaturallyTreat Your PMS Naturally

Do you suffer from PMS or Pre Menstrual Syndrome each month? If you are tried of popping pain killers and other pills each month to relief your PMS, there are several natural remedies for PMS available that will treat not only the symptoms of PMS, but also the underlying causes, with out the added chemicals of regular pain medication.

The last thing you may want to do is drink more water when you are already bloated. Fact is, drinking plenty of water will help remove the extra water that your body hangs on to during PMS. Aim for at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Getting a moderate amount of exercise each week can make a tremendous difference in the severity of your PMS symptoms. Even just a half hour walk, three to four times a week can lessen your symptoms noticeably.

Evening Primrose Oil recommended for headache, cramping, bloating, breast pain, depression, and irritability. Like many of the other natural remedies suggested, it is available at you health store.

St. Johns Wort has long been used to treat depression. It can help with mood swings and depression during and right before your period. It can be found at your local health food store and even in your local grocery store.

Valerian Root helps prevent mood swings and irritability. Take it at night for to fall asleep easily. Valerian Root can be found at your local health food store.

Vitamin E is known to help with anxiety and depression. You can find Vitamin E capsules at your local health store.

Vitamin B6 relieves cravings, fatigue, mood swings and water retention. It gives you more energy and you'll feel better overall.

Dandelion helps with water retention as well as with tender and swollen breasts. It can be added to a salad, or brew a tea from the leaves. You can purchase dandelion leaves at your health food store.

Give a few of these natural remedies a try this month before grabbing a bottle of your favorite painkiller.

by Melissa B Rayn
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