Blog Your Way Back To Your Family And FriendsBlog Your Way Back To Your Family And Friends

The term Blogs relates to diaries or logs of activity. In the year 1997 the word weblog became common and in 1999 the creation of the word blog evolved. It is estimated that in 1999 there were approximately 200 or so web diaries or blogs and now it is estimated at more than 60,000,000 worldwide and that figure is perhaps on the low side as well now. Blogs are popping up almost daily all over the world.

Blogs are basically an online journal whether it is a news blog, a business blog or a personal blogs. They are also a place where you can share your thoughts or comments on the original posting or on comments of others who have posted comments on the blog. So you get to share your thoughts or opinion on any given matter pretty much or you get the opportunity to share your knowledge with others and learn from the experiences of others at the same time. Blogs can be fun and cover all manner of topics.

There are numerous personal blogs giving people the chance to share their daily experiences or experiences throughout their lives. You can express your thoughts, your knowledge and your creativity among many other things. If you can think of a topic and you are interested in it you can make a blog or comment on a blog and if there are other interested parties they will, if locating your blog, comment as well giving you an on going dialogue relating to any particular topic.

Often it is found that people have less and less time to stay in touch with friends or family and a personal blog can be a great way to keep your extended family in touch with what is happening and your and your families lives on a day to day or even minute to minute basis. You can post photographs as well as comments so your friends and family get the benefit of those as well. You can post the latest antics of your children or your family pets show your favorite shots of your family BBQ or holiday, or even post comments and pictures about your latest vehicle acquisition. You name it, in a personal blog you can put whatever information in that you wish.

Some blogs are used as tools to improve website search engine optimization however generally a personal blog is not used for this purpose but more for entertainment and information sharing with friends family and other interested parties all over the world.

Regardless of whether you are using your blog for personal use or business search engine optimization you must make sure that your blog comments are original and interesting. For personal blogs unless you are only wishing to reach your family and friends then do not include content that is perhaps too personal as other parties, who are not your family and friends, will also be able to view the comments you post and those of others and if you are not willing to share your thoughts and feelings with everyone then keep things a little less personal in the nature of content.

To keep your blog interesting, and to keep your friends and family coming back make sure you include plenty of interesting information and photographs etc., as well as ensuring you are continually placing content on your blog. If your friends and family check one day and find that 2 weeks later the same content is showing and nothing new or of interest then they are going to consider you have no time to update your information and then probably they will not bother to check your blog in the future. You want even your friends and family to post comments and reply to you then you get the update on what they are doing as well as giving them information on you and your family.

Personal blogs are fun. You can share many things and find and meet new people as well as get in touch and stay in touch with your family and friends. Not only that, you also get the opportunity to meet new and interesting people who perhaps will enrich your life further as well. Give it a try you may find a personal blog is just what you need to save you on phone calls and letter writing but so that your family can still stay updated with your life.
by Michiel Van Kets
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