Language Learning Software For BusinessesLanguage Learning Software For Businesses

More and more businesses are now integrating language learning into their organizations. The ability to adapt to an international market, after all, is one of the defining qualities that could prove pivotal to the success of companies today. By breaking the barrier of language and communication, companies are able to become more competitive, all while staying ahead of the curve.

Language learning is an additional expense. However, whatever cost you lay out will more than pay for itself in the long run.With even a minimal investment in courses and language learning software, organizations can enjoy a multitude of benefits from training employees, including:

1. Better job performance

Employees who undergo extra skills training on the job usually see their morale soar. When a company cares enough to invest in their people, many employees typically respond the same way.

2. Cross-cultural communication

If your workforce consists of people from different backgrounds and cultures, training them in other languages can help them appreciate each other's differences. More than just picking up a new vocabulary, language learning opens up a window that allows people to take a peek at cultures other than their own.

3. Better client relationships

While you can always rely on an interpreter to liaison between your employees and your clients, better relationships are usually forged when the communication takes place directly. Having the barrier of a third-party between them can often make things impersonal.

With the worldwide reach of the web, it's no longer uncommon for foreign entities to learn about your business. In fact, some of them might find your offering unique and unavailable from where they are. As such, it's a likely possibility that you'll get foreign language inquiries every now and again.

Most foreign groups who contact you will likely try to manage the communication in their own version of English. However painful that might be to read, it's way better than the alternative - like an email inquiry in Chinese, for instance.

If you have a capable professional translator on tap, getting inquiries in foreign language would be no problem. Just send the email their way and have them translate it for you. However, are you really going to have translators for all possible languages on board?

A more feasible solution, and one that I've seen used by many organizations, is to employ a language translation software to get a good idea of what the inquiry is about. With the high-level quality translations many modern applications are capable of, you probably wouldn't need to use a professional to take a second-look at it.

When answering the inquiries, it's usually fine to respond in English. They understood your English web site well enough, so they'll probably get what you mean when you respond. If you consistently get a number of inquiries in one language, it should be time to hire someone to create a standard FAQ in that vernacular, so you can send it along with your response.

Once the brief exchanges turn into something serious, realize that you may need the expertise of a professional translator, so look towards a hiring a capable consultant for that.
by Laurianne Surchoix
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