Cancer Survivor Story - Cancer Survivor Story - "Would You Listen To Your Doctor If He Said To You "I'm Sorry, But You're B

That's what happened to me and I wasn't ready to just lie down and give up.

I'm a cancer survivor. My name is Michael Mihalcic and it's been 12 years since I recovered from cancer. And I'm still here to tell my story of hope, determination and courage - the courage I never knew I had until I got cancer.

I fought lymphoma and against the odds, beat cancer when my doctors had given up on medical treatment.

I'll share my story with you.

I've always believed your thoughts invariably precede your actions. I've also read that you attract things toward you, good and bad, simply by the power of your thoughts. Then it's no surprise that I attracted lymphoma cancer into my life. You see, I was constantly thinking and (jokingly) saying "I bet I've got leukemia or something". Well, I was pretty damn close, wasn't I?

I share my story - not to impress you - but to impress upon you that even after insurmountable odds; you too can recover from cancer and get your life back to normal.

I'll share with you the vital steps I used to do just that. My belief is that if you have the ability, then you have the responsibility to share your information with others. And to make a difference to other people's lives.

5 doctor's appointments later....

So here's my story - it all began with an insignificant and very annoying cough. Here's what happened. I thought I picked up a virus - and so did my GP, at first. But after the fifth visit back to my GP with that nagging cough, my GP suggested we run more tests.

An x-ray revealed a large mass situated between my heart and lungs. The mass was touching my esophageus - that's what was causing the annoying cough!

Immediately concerned by the mass he discovered, my GP ordered a biopsy. Cutting through my rib cage, doctors discovered I had a cancerous growth. Unable to operate due to the proximity to my heart and lungs, a course of chemotherapy followed by radiation treatment was prescribed.

Let The Body Heal Itself!

About half way through the chemotherapy treatment I developed a dangerously high and life threatening temperature. Rushed to hospital, we discovered that my immune system was pretty much shot, depleted, wiped out!

Within two days the Director of Intensive Care recommended that I be placed in an induced comma. He said, "We need to let the body heal itself". What he meant was - stop the walking, talking, digestion, everything - all bodily processes. So that the body could divert all energy into healing. Stop everything besides breathing and healing!

Little did I or my family know that I'd be in a coma for two weeks.

During this time I had two near death experiences.

Through The Tunnel of White Light

Going through a tunnel of white light, I had this incredible feeling of bliss. No more pain. No more worries. Just a feeling of pure joy and happiness. I was free. But where was I?

At the end of the tunnel of white light I saw two paths. One path was laden with roses and the other laden with thorns. Obviously I chose the allure of the sweet smelling roses. Once on this path, all of a sudden I was fearful that I may have chosen the wrong path... was this the path to salvation or to purgatory?

I recall being greeted by Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates (which I suppose follows my religious beliefs). I was told that I had two choices. The choice was simple - stay and be given a secret, or return and complete your life's journey.

Secret? What secret????? Mmmm. I was told that the secret was "the same secret that was instilled within each and every one of us at birth".

And what exactly was that secret?

I don't know! I can't tell you. Oh no. I chose to come back and complete my journey. And they didn't tell me the secret!

Prior to my coming back through the tunnel, I recall seeing a large screen appear in front of me. My whole life flashed before me on that big screen - encompassing past, present - and future.

Then I came back through the tunnel of white light and bliss where I reconnected with my body. But I had no idea where I was.

I Knew I'd Be Lead To The Information I Needed To Survive Cancer

Following my near death experiences I knew I'd survive cancer. I had an unfinished journey that I chose to complete. I chose to return. I knew I'd discover and learn the skills I'd need to overcome cancer. But I'm jumping ahead...

Reconnecting with the body proved to be a little difficult. As I was touched by that momentary, all encompassing, wonderful, joyful bliss, I found it very difficult to let go and forget.

When I awoke I found myself in the greatest test of my life. I was still not fully aware of what happened to me. You see after the coma I was heavily sedated for the next week, so my mind was in a heavy fog - all those drugs!

After three weeks in a coma and heavy sedation, I lost the use of my muscles. Muscular myopathy was the result. My muscles had lost the ability to function. All I could do was move my index finger. And with great difficulty, move my neck from side to side. There was a bandage cutting into the back of my neck which was holding a tracheotomy tube.

After The Coma I Was 99% Incapacitated

When I awoke from the coma and regained my senses I found I was 99% incapacitated.

My test had begun.

Recalling my inner strength and guidance, I set out on a journey of recovery to vibrant health and discovered a number of vital keys to health and wellbeing along the way.

The vital keys I discovered incorporate the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of true health. I'll share with you the vital keys I discovered. You see, the cause of cancer cannot simply be attributed to one factor. And therefore, neither can the cure.

The Vital Keys To Recovery

The vital keys are:

Mental - It's important to have the correct mindset first and foremost. I strongly believe that your thoughts govern your outcome. That's because your thoughts impact your feelings or your actions and these in turn motivate you or not to act in certain ways, these can be good or bad.

So if you have negative thoughts these will lead you to negative feelings and actions and you'll get negative results... You'll recall my negative thoughts about cancer above?

Emotional - Suppressed feelings of anger, frustration, unworthiness, and guilt etc, all of these contribute to stress and imbalance in the body and therefore put stress on your immune system.

Research suggests that by not dealing effectively with your emotions contribute largely to disease within the body. Louise Hay a noted author and owner of Hay House Publications, strongly believes in the mind body connection and that certain emotions can cause cancers and other disease.

Physical - It is vital for cancer sufferers to detox the body. This means that you need to get rid of all the toxic substances flowing through your body. These toxins compromise your immune system. The energy that could be used to heal and cleanse your body is diverted elsewhere and puts an enormous strain on your immune system.

Next, you need to feed your body for optimum immunity. So you need to eat foods that heal your body and not harm it. You need to eat foods that "starve" your cancer. Lastly you need to supercharge your body against disease. This refers to consuming certain foods and supplements that are high potency nutrition.

Spiritual - Spirituality is one of the keys I discovered. As I mentioned earlier I have reconnected with my spiritual side.

Following my experience a lot of people have asked me what I did to recover from cancer. I truly believe that there is no quick fix here or a magic pill that will eliminate cancer forever.

I do believe that a holistic approach - mental, spiritual, physical and emotional is the answer to cancer recovery. It's no accident that I not only survived cancer but have had no re-occurrences of cancer since. Believe me when I say it's no accident.

I'm a cancer survivor because I refused to give up when my doctors ran out of alternatives. I found natural alternatives that changed my life and I have never looked back. And that's why I'm able to share my cancer story with you now. The natural alternatives worked for me!
by Michael Mihalcic and Barbara King
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Michael Mihalcic is a cancer survivor, enduring a coma and near death experiences. Michael and his wife, Barbara King, spent the last 10+ years researching alternative health. Visit to read all about how Michael beat cancer, and how you can too with the 6 step formula!
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