VPS (Virtual Private Server) V/s Shared Web HostingVPS (Virtual Private Server) V/s Shared Web Hosting

Majority of the websites have been hosted by availing Shared hosting package which is much affordable as compared to dedicated hosting. Even today, dedicated hosting costs around $150 per month which is tough for small and medium sized business entities. Every problem and constraint can never last very long in this world of possibilities. Masterminds of web hosting have evolved a very reliable yet dedicated hosting system, which is called VPS. It has served as a very effective and cost effective alternative to dedicated hosting. VPS offers more value and freedom as compare to shared hosting which despite its multiple benefits has been a compromise on freedom of websites.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Shared hosting system and dedicated servers have been combined to evolve VPSD which owns the characteristics of both of these well-received types of web hosting. Biggest similarity between shared & VPS web hosting is that your CPU & RAM is still shared with other customers. What takes it near to dedicated servers is its ability of using a new technology which is called virtualization. VPS system has been designed in such a way that the customer never feels anything like sharing his server with anyone else. In VPS virtualization network, each virtual server is isolated through a partition, just like hard drives in a PC. It can be restarted at its own and all its features give a real time experience of dedicated server that has nothing to share as such. PS operates with a set of its own capabilities, i.e. IP address, system libraries and configuration files. It also gives root access for performing custom software installations.

More Power, Tighter Security

The ability of VPS to offer more power and better security makes it matchless by all means. Shared server keeps a threat at the back of your mind and you are not aware of the quality of other sites hosted with you. Your shared website may be infected with malware, spam campaign or it may have given access to people who are threat for the security of the server.

Performance and stability of VPS is far better than shared severs. Shared hosting keeps you on the mercy of your neighbors and you cannot perform at your best. If others are enjoying heavy traffic on their site, you will be experiencing a lot of difficulty in getting the things done with your website speed. If any of the sites is suffering some problem, server will have to be down to fix that one site, so shared ones too will have to bear the pain. VPS gives total freedom from all such unearned hassles and the website owner enjoys maximum satisfaction.

Fewer Limitations

In spite of all the blessings of shared hosting, some very strong limitations come in the way of smooth website experience. Even after availing an "unlimited package", one has to compromise with the disk space and bandwidth which is shared with neighbor. Shared hosting also prevents the website owner to install his customized scripts and software's or to do something extra for the security of your own website. A VPS brings you highest level of authority and freedom and allows you to enjoy all the features of a dedicated server.
by Dhruv Patel
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Dhruv Patel is a customer of DreamHost. He has created site to help new DreamHost customers and to promote DreamHost by giving DreamHost coupon. You can also find detailed information on DreamHost SSH there.
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