The Business Chiropractor - Get Your Business Spine In Line (Part 1 Of 3)The Business Chiropractor - Get Your Business Spine In Line (Part 1 Of 3)

Have you ever felt like your heart just wasn't in something that you did? I can remember when I was a teenager and my dad told me I had to wash the car when I already had plans that day with my friends. Instead that afternoon was spent with a bucket a sponge and turtle wax cleaning and buffing his grimy car. I was purely going through the motions to just try and get it done. It definitely showed because the level of quality as the end result of my labor was barely acceptable. I didn't think washing the car was something I should have to do.

I was thinking the whole time that he could have taken it down to the car wash and have one of those guys do it who was getting paid to do it. I wanted to do something far cooler and not as demeaning. I was not committed to doing it and it showed. The reality is that my opinion of the duty I was performing was that it was beneath me. Performing the function did not fulfill me and so I was not committed to doing it right much less doing it with pride.

Business Application:

Let me start by stating that much that I make an effort to teach is focusing on naturally increasing your end result or ROI (return on investment). I've always said that if you invest the time and effort then we need to find ways to get the most results out of that effort. Those payoffs need to be not only monetary but they must also provide us with what I call "emotional paychecks" as well. If in the end it's all about money then you are forced (believe it or not) to muffle the inner voices whose needs demand to be met as well.

We've all observed those that have shelved all their desired personal payoffs other than money in order to justify doing what they believe it takes to be successful, as they've allowed others define it for them. I've seen many of those same individuals end up throwing in the towel, sometimes just after experiencing phenomenal success, in order to do something that allows them to reacquaint themselves with who they are so that they can again experience fulfillment.

I will definitely vouch that money is very important however; it cannot be the all-consuming focus. The list is long of famous successful people who have walked this path only to end up feeling unsatisfied and empty.
My point is that we are in business to be both financially successful and personally fulfilled by both reaching our goals along with the path taken to get there. In order to make certain we perform to the highest standard consistently, our belief system, abilities and business opportunity must all be in line.

Let Me Crack Your Back - It'll Only Hurt For A Second:

There is a model I have taught others which I've found very useful when applied to my own business life regarding the foundational requirements that need to be in-line for both long-term financial success and personal fulfillment. It is a compilation of my experience among other sources but probably the largest influence would be from Ron Willingham. He is the author of a great book Titled: "Integrity Selling" which I would recommend if you have a strong sales focus in your business role.
There are 6 elements that I've found must be in line in order for us to be effective at marketing our business opportunity, product or service. The "Natural High-Performance Model" contain those components (or vertebrae) that must be in-line or in congruence in order for ones effort to naturally be consistently maintained at a high level.

The components are as follows:

1. Your Honest View of Selling/Marketing
2. Accurate Self-Assessment & Belief In Your Abilities
3. Your Core Values
4. Your Motivated Commitment to Daily Activities
5. Your Total Conviction In The Service/Solution You Provide To Your Customers
6. Your Business Opportunity: Accurately Assessing If Your Business/Current Role Is Congruent With The Information You Provided For Elements 1-5

If any of these elements are out of alignment in our minds they will be in opposition, competing against the others. The elements in opposition will each push to be heard and to have their conditions met causing conflict and begin to work against you. This creates a crisis of conscience. So whether your entrepreneurial backbone is feeling a little misaligned or way off center, know that the chiropractor is in to move you to the point where you are content and exhilarated about the opportunities you have. I look forward to sharing these principles with you.
by Patrick Daugherty
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Patrick Daugherty has a passion for coaching business executives and entrepreneurs to reach their personal and professional goals. To learn more about Patrick visit his blog: And full profile at:
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