The Business Chiropractor - Passionate Promotion & Accurate View Of Your Abilities (Part 2 Of 3)The Business Chiropractor - Passionate Promotion & Accurate View Of Your Abilities (Part 2 Of 3)

As I mentioned in Part 1, if you invest the time and effort into your business then we need to find ways to get the most results out of that effort. Those payoffs need to not only be monetary but they must also provide us with what I call "emotional paychecks" as well. If in the end it's all about money then you are forced (believe it or not) to muffle the inner voices whose needs demand to be met as well.

We are all in business to be both financially successful and personally fulfilled by the path taken to reach our goals. In order to make certain we perform to the highest standard consistently, our belief system, abilities and business opportunity must all be in line.

For the sake of review the "Natural High-Performance Model" are the elements that must be in-line or in congruence in order for ones effort to naturally be consistently maintained at a high level. The components are as follows:

1. Your Honest View of Selling/Passionate Promotion
2. Accurate Self-Assessment & Belief In Your Abilities
3. Your Core Values
4. Your Motivated Commitment to Daily Activities
5. Your Total Conviction In The Service/Solution You Provide To Your Customers
6. Your Business Opportunity: Accurately Assessing If Your Business/Current Role Is Congruent With The Information You Provided For Elements 1-5

Your Honest View of Sales/Passionate Promotion

Accurate Self-Assessment & Belief In Your Abilities

The first part of this component is that of having an accurate self-assessment of your abilities. You can't perform any action unless you believe you have the tools in your toolbox to do it. There are two influences that affect our self-assessment. The first is internal. If you haven't evaluated your strengths and abilities or taken a skills inventory in a while then grab a skills evaluation test or at the very least take some time to write down what your perceived strengths are. If you're having trouble then grab a skills evaluation test (Myers-Briggs etc) so that your clouded self-perception does not skew your assessment, otherwise you'll have an inaccurate belief in your abilities.

The second influence is external. This is where we let social stereotypes affect our self-perception. Nothing can muffle a voice quicker than when someone feels they should feel embarrassed to be in the profession they're in or to make the career choice they've made. I am going to take a little more time discussing this issue because I believe this type of misperception is so prevalent and it can be a killer of so many direct sales businesses (yes it's a pet-peeve of mine). We cannot underestimate the impact that our views of what we do affect our daily sales/marketing performance.

I remember seeing a survey several years ago that was done among sales professionals, asking them what images came to mind when they thought of a sales person. The results were alarming. The first images were that of a used car or insurance salesman. They thought of the two professions that had the worst stereotypes in their own line of work! Is there any wonder why 97% of business owners fail in the direct sales industry? They had unfortunately taken their "non-buyers" perception on as their own without being aware of it.

This is also true regarding inaccurate perception of the specific industry or business model. If you're in direct sales (aren't we all), network marketing or a Multi-level model you will take on the exact same stereotypes, which result in feeling as if you should be embarrassed about what you do or how you conduct your business. We must believe that passionately promoting our business in whatever industry or business opportunity we've chosen, is a noble profession that creates value and helps our customers, in order for us to meet their needs effectively. Just think of the people you've helped and the positive stories others could tell about how you've impacted their lives in some positive way. If they were never told about your business then they would've never had that experienced.

We all fall into social stereotyping especially when it comes to defining our views surrounding sales. There are negative elements in any profession but we don't always let them define the group as a whole. We don't truly believe that all Corporate CEO's are corrupt or that all CFO's misreport their company's annual revenue to their stockholders. We don't think that plane travel is unsafe just because one crash, yet we visually define a salesman as a disingenuous, pushy and annoying person in a "shady" profession who is willing to say anything while performing a function that is not needed or valued. If that is not re-adjusted to an accurate perception, we then take on the misperception of that role when performing those activities. It eventually becomes incredibly difficult to persuade someone to believe that we can best meet their needs. Every time we would hear a negative reply we would think we were just annoying them in the same way. WE NEED TO STOP THIS MINDSET IN ITS TRACKS!! This will paralyze your ability to grow your business!

But other than your belief in your abilities, what other factors will sidetrack your effectiveness to market your business? Take a quick review of the Model and ask yourself which one can be removed, ignored or misaligned and not compromise the effective self-promotion of your business to others? The answer is each component in your business life is dependent on the other for you to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. The recommended treatment has to be followed to the letter. Doctors orders! So stop by the front desk on your way out and they'll schedule the 3rd appointment in your treatment series.
by Patrick Daugherty
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Patrick Daugherty has a passion for coaching business executives and entrepreneurs to reach their personal and professional goals. To learn more about Patrick visit his blog: And full profile at:
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