The Business Chiropractor - Avoiding The Domino Effect (Part 3 Of 3)The Business Chiropractor - Avoiding The Domino Effect (Part 3 Of 3)

As I mentioned in Part 1&2, if you invest the time and effort into your business then we need to find ways to get the most results out of that effort. We are all in business to be both financially successful and personally fulfilled by the path taken to reach our goals. In order to make certain we perform to the highest standard consistently, our belief system, abilities and business opportunity must all be in line.

For the sake of review the "Natural High-Performance Model" contain the elements that must be in-line or in congruence in order for ones effort to naturally be consistently maintained at a high level. They are as follows:

1. Your Honest View of Selling/Marketing
2. Accurate Self-Assessment & Belief In Your Abilities
3. Your Core Values
4. Your Motivated Commitment to Daily Activities
5. Your Total Conviction In The Service/Solution You Provide To Your Customers
6. Your Business Opportunity: Accurately Assessing If Your Business/Current Role Is Congruent With The Information You Provided For Elements 1-5

The Performance Domino-Effect

In my experience it is apparent that each model element in ones business life has a dramatic affect on the others and ultimately their long-term success. All must be in line for you to reach your full potential personally and as an entrepreneur.

As you can imagine, I've coached numerous people who have found themselves in a "results rut". Many of those are full energy, high effort individuals that were taught they must adhere to a certain set of foundational beliefs that did not match their own inorder to be successful. Because of a deep desire to reach their goals they earnestly worked to graft them into their own "core value tree", only to find that the leaves of their production began to wither and die.

There are successful achievers out there that are driven by dysfunction and believe that the only way to achieve their level of success is to share the same dysfunctional-drive that they feel motivated them to achieve wealth. For example, such statements as to buy a house or car you cant afford - get yourself into debt so you'll be motivated to get out of it or that money and materialism are the only measure of success so you must crave the same to be successful. This will cause someone to be intellectually dishonest with themselves in order to adopt the set of values that are not their own. In many cases, unless the counter value system is pervasive in the business culture, you can usually run your business according to your values without adopting what you feel to be toxic.

Then there is the second category, one that I have found to be the kiss of death. The "atom bomb" that blows the very foundation apart is when we realize that the product, service or opportunity we market does not deliver on the promises we are aggressively preaching to gain customers. We are then forced to decide to continue to drink the "Kool-aid" of deception and be a purveyor of it or terminate the business arrangement. If the effort is made to move forward knowing this to be the case, you will lose all that could set you apart as you carry out your daily activity. When speaking to prospects, clients or customers you will find that you do not speak from conviction, you've lost your passion and thus your ability to effectively persuade anyone to do anything that would benefit your business. It takes an incredibly depraved individual to lie to themselves and to others so effectively that their business becomes successful.

On the other hand, those in a business model or opportunity that requires them to act in a way that reflects a set of core values that match their own, find that daily activity is merely an acting out or expression of those convictions. They don't find it a chore to become motivated everyday and do not need a half time locker-room speech by anyone to get them fired up because the daily activity required to execute their business plan is a "natural fit".

If you feel that what you provide your customers is the best solution, then you can't hold back from effectively communicating that message. Those who are in a "natural fit" opportunity know that they are doing themselves and the prospect a huge disservice by ever hiding what makes each of them uniquely equipped to meet the needs of their customer.

Since you know and are confident in your skills & abilities, you will use them to convey your message with confidence and conviction. Your daily marketing activity is then an expression of a deep desire to gain trust the right way, rather than through manipulation or deception.

So assess your current business opportunity and plug it into the model. Does it put you in the position to do the things you feel are your present skills or skills you desire to obtain? Does the opportunity allow the aggressive pursuit of success to align with your core values and allow you to be intellectually honest with yourself? Does the product, service or opportunity fail to meet with the promises you were given, forcing you to be dishonest when setting the expectation of others and acquiring customers?

The honest answers to these questions will tell you if you have chosen the right business opportunity. Once you are able to identify an organization or business that aligns itself with your core values and places you in the position to perform at a high effort with a clear conscience, you can then know that you are in a position to become very successful in the long-term.
by Patrick Daugherty
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Patrick Daugherty has a passion for coaching business executives and entrepreneurs to reach their personal and professional goals. To learn more about Patrick visit his blog: And full profile at:
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