How Do I Put Videos On My PSP? - Step-by-Step GuideHow Do I Put Videos On My PSP? - Step-by-Step Guide

The PSP is a wonderful gadget. You can watch listen to music, play games and watch videos. With the amazing portability of the PSP, you can take it anywhere: to work, on trips, to the library (with headphones, of course) and even to bed. The ability to watch videos in high-resolution is a wonderful bonus for users of this amazing gadget. You can watch full-feature videos using the UMD discs. And, you can even transfer video files from your computer!

If you want to transfer videos from your laptop or desktop computer to your PSP but don't know how, you can rest easy. Here's how to do it in 5 easy steps:

Step #1: Buy a memory stick:

In order be able to do anything on your PSP - including watching movies, listening to music or playing games, your system needs to have access to memory. While your system ships with a puny memory card that holds 32 MB of data, it is only big enough to store a small number of files. And, it definitely won't be able to handle videos of more than a minute or so. The solution: buy a memory stick. A 4 GB memory stick will cost you less than $15.

Step #2: Format your memory stick:

You will need to first format your memory stick. Formatting is basically a way to synchronize your memory stick with your system. To format your stick:

a. press the Home key
b. press the Left Arrow key multiple times until you get to the Settings screen
c. press the Down Arrow multiple times until you see System Settings, then press X
d. press the Down Arrow multiple times until you see Format Memory Stick, then press X
e. Confirm your desire to format your memory stick by pressing Yes (note: doing this will erase any data that was already on your memory stick - in case you are re-using an old memory stick)

Step #3: Connect the unit to your computer:

First, put your PSP into USB mode by doing the following:

a. Press the Home key
b. Press the Left Arrow key multiple times until you get to the Settings screen
c. press the Down Arrow multiple times until you see USB Connection setting, then press X

Now, connect your PSP to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

Step #4: Copy the video onto your PSP:

To be able to play the video properly, you will need to navigate to the folder in your memory stick called MP_ROOT, then the folder within that folder called 100MNV01. If those folders do not already exist on your memory stick, you will need to create them. Note: any video (M4V) and thumbnail (THM) file you place there need to be named as follows: beginning of file name must be M4V and it must end with any 5 numbers (e.g., M4V67890).

Step #5: You are ready to watch your newly-loaded video:

You're all set - now you can disconnect your console from your computer and watch your video! Just scroll down to the Video section to view the video file. Press X to watch your video.
by Everett Maclachlan
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