The 1st Step To Personal Growth, Manifestation And Empowerment!The 1st Step To Personal Growth, Manifestation And Empowerment!

Through all the work that I do in private discussions, consulting and producing The MetaMystic Magazine, I talk to a lot of people and receive a lot of input as to what people are looking for, want to know, want to learn. The topics can vary greatly, but, a main topic that is either the basis for many other questions, or a primary question itself, that comes up in one form or another time and again is "What can I do to grow into my higher vibration, to manifest a better life and gain the personal empowerment that allows me to be the spiritual being that I want to be?"

You may get many answers to the above question because there are many paths to accomplishing the personal growth and manifestation ability that is being searched for. But, no matter which path you take, there is a first step that is necessary for any of them to work.

That first step, no matter which path you choose is to accept personal responsibility for your own life! Not accomplishing this one step is the main reason for failure to grow or manifest. To avoid taking responsibility for your own life is to give away the power to change it. To refuse to accept responsibility for every aspect of your own life is to accept a victim mentality and to fall back into the immature and irresponsible safe zone of pointing your finger and saying he/she/they/it did it to me! It's not my fault!

OK! So it's important! What exactly do you mean by "Personal Responsibility"?

Personal Responsibility is simply the act of accepting that everything in your life is there because YOU PUT IT THERE! Yes, you heard me right. If it is there, if it happened or is happening to you, you are 100% responsible for it being there.

Now, I know what is going through most of your minds. I've heard it all before. The astonishment, the denial, the anger, the fear. The statements that you would NEVER have brought this or that into your life. It was coincidence, it was somebody else's fault, it was an accident, it is a disease that is hereditary or I caught it from something, etc, etc, etc..

If you have the open-mindedness to continue reading, I will attempt to explain how it works in a way that makes sense. If you don't, then you can stomp away and continue to wonder why it never works for you. Or better yet, you can blame it on some teacher, writer, guru or somebody else, anybody except yourself.

I'm still here, so get on with it!

All right, glad to see you're still here. In this discussion we'll just deal with facts! Facts that have been proven by scientists around the world, so it is something that you can sink your teeth into.

What I'm talking about is energy and the illusion of the solidity of matter around us. There aren't too many people that haven't heard something about Quantum Physics these days. If you aren't up on some of the basics, you might want to watch the movies The Secret , What the Bleep Do We Know? and the newest one, Leap. A couple books you might also be interested in are Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness and The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for Everyone. But for the record, here is a simplified basic version.

Everything is energy. When Quantum Physicists were able to study the atom, they discovered the nucleus and electrons. Then they went closer and found that the nucleus wasn't solid but made up of smaller parts. These parts in the nucleus and the electrons were found to not be solid either. They were energy and contained limitless "possibilities". They found that these non solid particles had several common attributes. They tend to blink in and out of our reality (yes, really) and they tend to change behavior depending on who was observing them. Yup! The very act of observation caused changes in the behavior of the smallest aspects of the atoms.

Further studies showed that each and every atom is constructed of the same type of energy as every other one and that they respond to each other, showing that they are all part of a large energy field. This energy field encompasses everything, everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

If you don't believe me, watch the videos, read the books and take it up with the scientists. But the fact remains that it is true. But! How does this relate to "Personal Responsibility"? I'm getting there.

As I have stated, everything is energy. That means EVERYTHING! This includes every thought you have, every action you take, every word that you say! Now, think about how many times each day you have a thought, say something or do something. It adds up to a lot doesn't it?

Now think about the energy of all these thoughts, words and actions. Where does it go? It doesn't go anywhere, it creates a body of energy that is your constant companion and surrounds you all the time. Now, the thing about energy, is that it tends to attract other energy. In fact, it actively attracts energy to it, but not just any energy, it attracts LIKE energy. That means that it attracts energy that is like it, that resonates with it.

So, since everyone and everything is energy, the body of energy that your thoughts, words and actions have created attracts other people, things and events into your life that match the energy you put out. The strongest energy is created by your focus, what you do most of the time and how you act or react concerning all the things in your life. So, doesn't it make sense that if you are angry or cruel, this will be the type of energy that you will attract into your life? If you are happy and joyous,you will attract that type of energy into your life?

Your focus is powered by your emotions and emotions are some of the strongest energy creators you have. Your reactive emotions have a strong influence on the people and events you attract. Trying to suppress emotions doesn't help, you simply bury them and allow them to fester and build more of the same energy. You must learn to find ways to manage the emotions you feel in order to have some control over the kind of energy you attract.

Now, you have a very simple understanding of how energy works to affect your life. Yes, there is a great deal more to it, but if I am going to keep this article under twenty volumes I need to allow you to do some additional research if you want additional facts. Now let's get down to some of the questions you have about things in your lives that you believe you would never have brought into your life if you had a choice.

First, let me say, you always have a choice. How you respond to people and things around you and what your primary focus is in your daily habits. You are NOT responsible for what other people do, BUT you are always, 100% responsible for how you respond to what they do or say! Those responses and your daily focus build your life and the elements within it.

Let's take some examples from actual conversations I've had with people.

One person said, "I'm standing here with a gun in my hand and it's pointed at your head. If I pull the trigger, you will die. How is your energy in control of what happens to you?"

First is the fact that my energy would have to be such as to put me in that type of situation in the beginning. Second, even though the other person would pull the trigger, there are many options of what could happen, and my energy controls which of these options would happen. The obvious outcome could happen and I could die, or, the person holding the gun, could flinch when pulling the trigger and miss, or, someone could see what was going on and yell, distracting the shooter, or, I might move fast enough to have the bullet just miss me, etc.

The options in the situation above are endless, even though, from the viewpoint of logic, it doesn't appear to be so. Logic can only show you the possibilities based on known factors. When dealing with energy, known factors are the smallest group of potential outcomes.

Here's another. Another person said, "you are driving and suddenly are broadsided by a truck running a stop light. How would that be brought into existence by your energy?"

Again, my first response is that it is my energy that attracted the situation to me. If that truck was going to run the red light, that doesn't mean that I had to be directly in front of it when it did. If I am, it is because my energy, attracted that event because it was harmonious to the energy that I have been putting out. Secondly, the possible options, like in the event before, are endless. It's possible I would die, but then again, how many times have you heard of someone in an accident, a plane crash or some other type of disastorous situation that survived against all odds. "They should have been dead," everyone says, "boy are they ever lucky!"

It's not luck. The state of the persons energy has everything to do with what is attracted to them and what options are brought into play for or against their benefit.

Here's a final example. People have asked, how can our energy be the cause of people being hurt or killed in natural disasters or acts of war where the person had no choice? Where so many people were affected, how can a single persons energy have anything to do with it?

Good question! But it has a simple answer.

First, a single persons energy did not create the situation. Whether an earthquake, a hurricane or a warlord's rampage such as the one Hitler created, it took a large energy field to create the situation. Your energy field doesn't just affect you. It also sends out energy that collects with other like energy, in fields of energy. With six and a half billion people on the planet, creating energy with every thought, word and deed, you have to expect there to be a lot of energy running around and building up in huge fields of energy. And, if the over bearing emotion of the world is of fear and anger and hate, what kind of energy fields do you think are building up. These are going to affect things on a large scale. This type of energy field is what gives rise to most natural disasters and human atrocities.

Ok, so let's take this back to the individual that gets caught up in such an event. It may not have been their energy that created the situation, but it was their energy that placed them smack dab in the middle of it. It was also their energy that had everything to do with how the event affected them. Did they die or miraculously survive, with or without injuries and traumatic aftermath? It all comes down to the type of energy being sent out and attracted.

Hopefully, in this simple explanation, you get the basic gist of what "Personal Responsibility" means and why, accepting it is the first step in any program of growth, manifestation and self empowerment. Any statement of blame, automatically attempts to give away the responsibility and in doing so, gives away the power to change it. You can not change that which you refuse to own!
by CJ Carl
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About the Author: CJ Carl has been a studying, practicing Metaphysician for 40 years. He is also a speaker, a consultant and the publisher of The MetaMystic Magazine and the organizer of The Las Vegas MetaMystic Meetup Group.
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