Spam Blocker Software - How To Choose The Correct OneSpam Blocker Software - How To Choose The Correct One

Stanford Wallace and the company called Cyber Promotions were placed in a state of bankruptcy for their spamming activities in 1998. Laurence Carter, a famous attorney who used spam as a form of advertising was disbarred in 1997 for his use of UBE's to advertise his immigration law expertise. Jason Smathers, a man who used to work for AOL, sold about 90 million email contacts of AOL subscribers in the United States of America for an undisclosed sum and was found out. These lists were sold to spammers and subsequently used in their activities. Jason Smathers was then arrested and served hard time. There have been cases in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and even parts of Asia where spam has made their mark. This is why you need spam blocker software, because of the fact that I can list down the times in which the perpetrators of spam were brought to justice. What you need to do to ensure that spam does not see the light of your inbox day is to install a spam blocker software - but you need to choose the correct one.

A good spam blocker software is unobtrusive and operates without you knowing it. There are a lot of spam blocker software out there who do no more than just add another level of red tape that directly involves you and wastes your time even more. You do not want to be in a position where you have to be prompted every 5 to ten minutes about some email that advertises genital enlargements. A spam blocker software must be able to identify the keywords and the popular companies and sorts of products that appear frequently in spam emails. They also have to be able to identify rogue and alien network intrusions in your messaging software, which means people who try to message from randomly generated email addresses - the sort of random emails that worms and Trojans are programmes to generate that can go through traditional and built in client side spam filters. Spam software should be able to discern the difference between a bot and a real human being behind a message. There are many spam blocker software out there, from the simplistic to the intricate and you need to strike a balance when you are choosing one. Also you have to identify how much spam can affect what you do.

Sometimes if you have a business whose critical core competencies depend highly on digital communications, then you might have to look an industrial sized software which has a whole host of security features you can use. If you are just a casual user of email or instant messengers, you can just pick and choose some of the more simpler software solutions that are available online. IN the end of the day, everyone is affected by spam, which means that spam blocker software would be needed. Nobody wants to have their time and effort wasted combing through lists and closing popups. You have been handed the tools, use them.
by Yuto Wong
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