Acai Berry Powder - Supplement Or Juice?Acai Berry Powder - Supplement Or Juice?

Acai Berry powder, juice concentrate, and supplements are sold in various health stores and even on the Internet. It seems that anywhere you look you will find products that contain this dark purplish red berry from South and Central America. Apparently, Acai is being recognized as healthy and rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants provide protection against oxidative damage and contribute positive health benefits. An increasing body of evidence suggests beneficial effects of the antioxidants on cardiovascular health, Alzheimer's disease, and even reduction of the risk of some cancers.

The question in everybody's mind is not whether this fruit is helpful. The problem actually lies on which product can maximize the health benefits of Acai Berry. So is Acai Berry powder what you should be using or should you go with the concentrate or supplement?

According to studies as well as testimonies of people who have used Acai products, this fruit (or its extract) is extremely effective in combating premature aging, promoting good digestive system, and even improving the immune system.

Since many companies are packaging this fruit in various ways, many consumers who want to try this product are really confused on how they will take this fruit. Since Acai Berry is rarely sold in supermarkets as fresh produce, you really do not have a choice but buy pre-packaged Acai Berry products.

Acai Berry juice is actually one of the most popular health products in the market. One of the reasons behind this is its good taste. Aloe Vera is also rich in antioxidants but it is not as popular as the juice from Acai because of the former's bitter taste.

Another reason why the juice form is popular is its ease of use. Just open the bottle and you can have an instant, delicious, and health-giving beverage that is so much better than soda in taste and in content. The only problem is that this form is quite expensive.

If you want to get the benefits of Acai Berry at a lower cost, what you should consider buying is the supplement form of the fruit. Another good reason for choosing the supplement over the juice is that the former does not expire as quickly as the juice. If you have less consumption of the product then taking it in a form that does not expire quickly will be very helpful. This saves up your money from going to waste.

Acai Berry powder, on the other hand, is flexible. You can add it to your drink or even to your food. Many people add this to their protein shake too. Without a doubt, the powder form is the best way to take the fruit's essential substances, that's compared to the pill and juice forms.

So should you take Acai Berry powder, supplement, or juice? No matter how you look at it the answer to this question is actually all up to you. Consider what your lifestyle is and how much of these product you usually can consume in a day. Since you can get the nutrients of the fruit in whatever form available, the decision should depend on your personal preference and convenience.
by John Nicloee
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John Nicolee is a fitness enthusiast and one of the top critiques of fitness programs & diet products in america. Visit to read John Nicolee's insightful reviews on latest Weight Loss products and programs.
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