5 Hot Interior Design Ideas For Decorating Small Rooms5 Hot Interior Design Ideas For Decorating Small Rooms

Regardless of what type of home you reside in, whether it be a condo in the city, an apartment on the edge of town or you simply just want to decorate the smaller rooms inside of your home; interior design can be a challenge in this type of environment because of the limited space and options. However, you can still maintain a sense of style without requiring a large area of space, because essentially it is only one room that you are decorating; right? If you keep things simple and organized, home decor selection for small rooms can be easy!

If you take the right design approach, you can simplify the decorating process and make it so that the room seems larger than it really is, once the process is all said and done. Focusing on organization and storage will help you create an atmosphere that is not only functional and elemental, but also very structured or random depending on which way you wanted to take it. In some cases, randomness in room construction can make for an interested design process.

Take into consideration the following steps when preparing your plan for the room:

1. Focus on the desired functionality of the room. Use this as the foundation for which you will build upon with furniture, artwork, accessories, etc.

2. Choose furniture and decorative items by size and position, to ensure that the room is not cluttered and remains organized.

3. Find furnishings that serve multiple purposes, which will help improve your storage capacity (such as end tables with drawers, sleeper sofas, etc.) and increase the functionality of the room as a whole.

4. Place accent pieces in areas that highlight your room's color theme, such as corners and around windows. Avoid placing items directly in front of the wall, but rather accent the outside portion of the room, making it seem bigger.

5. A small room must have plenty of lighting because this really helps to visually open up space. If it is possible, consider a built-in lighting structure such as track or recessed elements. If this is not a possibility or is overbudget, use small accent lamps to light up the corners.

Coordinate your palette and the room will come together by itself. Keep in mind the above mentioned techniques and just have fun with it!

Mary Elizabeth Beal is not just the founder of Trend Funnel, she is also an experienced Interior Design Consultant. Mary graduated with a bachelors degree in Interior Design from the FIDER accredited School of Architecture at the University of Florida. She has 8 years of design, decorating, and visual merchandising experience in both residential and commercial retail design.

So go ahead... ask her a question! Or, if you see advice offered below and feel you can do better- go right ahead! We are certain that the person who asked will appreciate your advice as well. After all... design, like art, is in the eye of the beholder!

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by Nick Melillo
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