Should You Raise The FAP Turbo Scam Flag?Should You Raise The FAP Turbo Scam Flag?

For those who are not familiar with FAP Turbo, here is a bit of background for you: FAP Turbo is an updated version of Forex Autopilot, a foreign exchange robot that became a bestseller several years ago. Since its own release, FAP Turbo has done quite well in terms of profit. But like any other successful product or technology, it has become a victim of media hype. In fact, the hype surrounding it has reached a level where a lot of parties are now raising the FAP Turbo Scam flag, saying that there is nothing beyond the hype itself.

Following is an objective review of the software, aimed at giving you a clearer picture of the technology and helping you decide whether there is, in fact, something more to this than media hype. Let us begin this review with a brief discussion on auto traders in general to give a better idea of how FAP Turbo works and for what purpose it was developed. In the world of foreign exchange, auto traders are computer programs that are used to make trading more efficient.

The foreign exchange market moves very quickly, so if you want to trade then you will have to learn how to move with the market trends. Furthermore, you will have to watch these trends around the clock. This task can demand too much of your time, which is why experienced traders make use of auto trading programs. These programs can take care of watching the market trends on their behalf. As such, auto traders can also be a big help for new traders who are not yet very accustomed to how the market moves.

Now, let us get back to our review of the FAP Turbo program. In comparison with various other auto trading programs, including the original Autopilot from where the Turbo evolved, it is our honest opinion that the FAP Turbo is the most attentive and responsive to market changes. It follows the market trend very closely and moves faster than other auto traders present on the market right now.

FAP Turbo's winning percentage has been 95% for the past nine years and it is also showing a high success rate for live testing. Furthermore, it records a drawdown rate of only 0.35%. This explains why their equity graph is very smooth. It was obvious in our research that FAP Turbo trades with a bias towards long-term trends. Plus, the pattern they use for back tests and live tests are very similar, which makes us more confident that their proof results are indeed reliable.
So, is there really a need to raise the FAP Turbo Scam flag? We don't think so. Aside from the reasons already stated above, FAP Turbo also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you are as sceptical as we started out to be, you can take advantage of this trial period and see how the program works for yourself. What better way to prove or disprove a product's worth than to give it a try, right?
by J. Purden
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