Finish Your Blue Jeans Purse With A Personal Touch!Finish Your Blue Jeans Purse With A Personal Touch!

A jeans purse is simple to make and is always in style. All you need is an old pair of jeans that you are willing to put under your creative mind to achieve your desired look.

You may have an old pair of jeans that have been hanging in your closet for years and you value them so much. Why not get some more use out of them by turning them into a Blue Jeans Purse?

Native American accents are common designs for blue jeans purse. But don't limit yourself. Be creative and unique!

Look around a craft store for hundreds of embellishments you can use to adorn your purse. A pack of cheap fabric paints can also be used. They come in tubes and you no longer need a brush to paint and draw the design with the paints. You just let it dry and a new look will have a glittering effect.

Procedures in Making the Purse:
Try to paint a string of upturned "V's" in white or red on the strap so as to embody tee-pees. Use colored russet paint to make three sticks coming out on top of each teepee. Get a coyotes, wolves, or rubber stamp depicting deer. Wet the rubber stamp in the fabric paint and stomp the animals walking across the bottom front of the purse. Use a big teepee together with numerous smaller ones bordering it as the picture of your purse's background or front. You may also use rub-on appliqués' to make tee-pees, moccasins, feathers, and headdresses at random places all over the purse.
If you still want to add more ornaments to your blue jeans purse, American bead patterns in shades of red, turquoise, white, and black will look extraordinary when sewn onto a denim purse. However, if you really want your blue jeans purse to look expensive in this pattern, you must sew it properly. At times you can find the tiniest of beads already strung and with a backing for sewing, and these are sold on a roll at some department or craft stores.

Use these beads to insert the purse strap or to decorate a pocket on the purse. String the beads and attach to purse. You can also make the most out of your unused jewelry to add inflection and unique touch. Put a bracelet or necklace on a string with turquoise accessory that can be tacked to a pocket on a purse, setting a dangling result outside your purse. You don't have to spend a lot of money in redecorating your purse.

If you still want to add décor and depth on your blue jeans purse, put a Conchos with bands of leather hanging from behind your purse. Apply beads and feathers or strip of rawhide to create zipper pulls. Strand the beads through the zipper heave hole. Thread the ends of the rawhide half way through wooden bead. Then paste it so it will be attached to the purse. At the opposite hole of the bead, squeeze the glue inside. Then insert feathers.

Many craft stores have an aisle where you can acquire pieces of feathers, leather, and Indian decorations. Engrave animal shapes from the leather pieces to attach to the purse using fabric glue. Draw round the animals with fabric paints.

Explore your local craft store for more ideas. There are dozens of rubber stamps that can be used with hundreds of different paints and inks, and thousands of bead choices and Indian decorations. Why not finish your blue jeans purse with a touch of your artistic quality and wealthy resources!
by David H. Urmann
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