Buy Life Insurance With ConfidenceBuy Life Insurance With Confidence

I had a friend the other day call and ask me about buying term life insurance. He had just signed up for an expensive whole life plan through his employer and wanted to compare life insurance plans with what's out there on the market. We went through the differences between his current plan and term life available on the market. He's now on a much more affordable life plan that fits his needs. We're still friends. Let's see if we can give some similar guidance to help you buy life insurance.

You're probably in one of these two categories. Either you are completely brand new to the life insurance purchase or you have existing life insurance and want to either add additional coverage or make sure you have the best rate. We can help with both situations. Either way, the key to term life insurance these days is price. It's really a commodity these days. This means that buying life insurance is more similar to buying paper than buying car. Why? The market has become incredibly competitive over the last decade and for the most part, term life is a very simple product that's easy for the carriers to understand. They all have similar access to actuarial data. This has narrowed the price range you'll find for a given term length and amount of coverage which is good news for you. This brings up a good point...

Tip #1. You need access to the rates across multiple carriers and plans which you can compare against each other. Some traditional brokers might quote just a few plans. This puts you at a significant disadvantage since there may be certain premium bands or carrier preferences that would benefit you over others. The only way to find this out is to quote across many plans. The online world has made this this distribution of information easy and in our opinion, mandatory. You'll find our online term life insurance quoting tool can quickly and instantly provide you multiple life insurance rates based on your basic demographics. You're half way there with such a powerful tool at your disposal. This brings up a good much benefit and for how long should you consider?

Tip #2. Knowledge is power and no where is that more true than when buying life insurance since this product, more than any other, is all about information. You can always call us as licensed life insurance brokers but if you're like me, I like to take it at my pace. I love a website that's deep in great information that helps me make a good decision. If I have additional questions, I will usually call them once the website and company has established that they are trying to give me the edge in making a decision. Check out our life insurance article database which just keeps growing. We're trying to break down the entire product in a straight-forward way that you can wrap your head around. You'll notice the language is honest, impartial, and addresses what's really important when buying life insurance.

Tip #3. Choosing the life insurance plan is just the start. You need a advisor that can help shepherd your application through the underwriting process and beyond. This whole process after you buy the life policy is relatively new to most people. We work to speed the paramedical exam, speed the underwriting process, and try hard to deliver a life insurance policy that you can feel good about. We're here through the life of the policy and a re-examining of your policy against what is available on the market is always a call or email away.

We want you to buy life insurance with confidence and the feeling that someone on the inside is on your side.
by Dennis Jarvis
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Dennis Jarvis is a licensed insurance agent concentrating on term life insurance. Shop, compare, and instantly quote multiple carriers with professional guidance and resources.
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