Nourish Your Mind's Soil And Gather Fruitful HarvestsNourish Your Mind's Soil And Gather Fruitful Harvests

Mind power is defined as the conscious mind and the way people think and decide for themselves. The human mind is basically like a continuously flowing spring except for the fact that a natural spring doesn't have the ability to have fresh and bitter water coming from the same opening at the same time. This is what the mind is capable of: to nurse and to be able to think negatively and positively at the same time. Inequality can also be a possibility despite the mind's double purpose because there are situations when one will rule over the existence of the other thought. Moreover, since the mind is something that serves as a mirror for habitual thoughts, it is the responsibility of humans to do things that will influence his/her mind to process positive energy, emotions, and thoughts. This allows a person to have a positive outlook in life. The power of the mind can sometimes be determined by the concept of positive thinking because it is the act of thinking rather than believing that will create a person's reality. The power of the human mind consists of beliefs and thoughts which can mold what the person is at present or will be in the future so being aware of the reflections running through your head is an advantage.

Mind power is a kind of dual system that includes the thoughts generated by the brain as well as the subconscious of a person. All people possess subconscious mind power which can be seen in a simple smiling at someone you like with the hopes that he/she will also return your interest. Thus, the application of the power of the human mind can also be a channel in which a person unconsciously takes care of a situation whether it may be right or wrong. This ability of the subconscious is generated from the beliefs and thoughts of the human mind. The things you believe in and the way you think is what your subconscious will also always use. This process is a continuous happening one minute after the next. Every figment of thought running regularly in the mind will make the activation of both good or bad thoughts in a person's mind. This is also the reason why the power of the mind molds the present and the future of a person.

A person's mind power and his/her subconscious mind combine their processes together to generate reality. A human's mind is seen as a fertile soil which is planted with either good or bad seeds. The constant thoughts and beliefs that pass the mind are the seeds which will produce either good or bad fruit. The conscious mind, on the other hand, is the gardener which selects the fruits to be harvested and used while mind power is the one that reaches into garden itself or the subconscious. Thus the saying "you reap what you sow" is highly applicable in this metaphor in which a person decides whether to plant weeds that will generate negative thoughts and actions or good seeds that can help model his positive actions.
by Leo Vegner
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