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If one has to go by the conventional definition of global warming then it will state that it is the increment in the temperature of the Earth as a consequence of fossil fuels, industrial and agricultural processes merely carried out by human beings, nature and certain gas emissions. It is also caused by the increase in greenhouse gas emissions along with the absorption of extremely harmful solar wave radiation by the Earth's atmosphere.

We have been listening to a lot skepticism and concern from both sides of environmentalists regarding global warming. It is also called 'Climate change'. Most skeptics advise the general public not to waste their brain cells on an 'issue that has no validity to it'. While genuinely concerned environmentalists label global warming as a looming apocalypse that will destroy the Earth if not curbed right now.

What gives rise to this chaotic procedure in the making? It is a significant chemical process that is catalyzed by man-made emissions to the amount of carbon dioxide that is already being made. It has been determined through scientific studies that this climate change is mainly due to the excessive amounts of greenhouse gases to the Earth's atmosphere.

The accumulation of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide traps heat that should most preferably and importantly exit into the outer space. It is should be remembered that a natural amount of greenhouse gases is required but the excess of it leads to dire consequences. It is not only these gases that harm the safety of Earth but other contributing factors taint the beauty of our global home.

Among those contributing factors are processes carried out by fellow human beings. The excessive utilization of coal-fired power plants, car pollution, oil-heating of homes and other heat-capturing procedures add to the monster that is called global warming. Emission of chlorofluorocarbons from typical air spray cans also increase the danger of climate change.

The destruction that global warming can bring is inconceivably devastating. We can nip the evil in bud if we take preventive measures. Precautionary steps do not imply life-changing vows in anyway. All that is asked for is a safe way to live. Turn your lights off when they're not being used. Use zero-watt bulbs mostly. Avoid polluting. Most importantly support the Go-Green cause.

By going green, you are asked to reduce the usage of electrical appliances in your household. You can also grow trees in your yard because they absorb carbon dioxide. Use a thermostat for your air conditioner. Maintain your vehicle on periodical bases. Intake of organic food also helps.

These easy little steps can save the entire Earth that is our home. That is because if you are careless about global warming than demolition of epic proportions could occur. The altering of climate can hasten the extinction of mankind. Floods, droughts, lengthy season changes, severe storms are only a fraction of what global warming will bring. Thus, small little steps in favor of going green can save our lives. Hurry before our Earth comes to a devastating halt.
by Charles Salmon
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