Learning The Violin: Formal Education Vs. Self-studyLearning The Violin: Formal Education Vs. Self-study

When an individual wants to study violin lessons, they can do it in a variety of ways. Some study violin because they are determined to master it and some just wanted to brag that they know how to play it. This is not the right way to learn violin because violin is hard to master. It requires much effort in practicing in order to perfect the piece. Those who just want to learn violin and want to learn it fast to brag about it will find themselves giving up on the violin lessons early.

Learning violin needs the guidance of an instructor which is a good violinist in order to ensure that one will understand the essence of learning violin and on how to play the instrument well. Instruments are well equipped with the knowledge and attitude of a real and dedicated violinist. Students will therefore gain the right attitude when they practice violin.

Violin can also be learned by reading thru books. And the most convenient way to learn violin is by using online sources. Self-learning violin is not an easy task because one has to read on the rules, guidelines and procedures in books in order to understand the ways to learn it. To learn violin online is also as difficult as browsing thru books but access to information is faster than when looking for large books.

The advantage of online learning is that information is gathered fast and easily. For example in order for one to learn violin online, he needs to get the right resources directly from violin pros in order to be able to do the right and proper thing and so they will just have to easily browse on the many websites about violin in order to find the study materials they need. the web is very rich in information sources and surprisingly, the web offers many information that even violin instructors cannot offer. But despite this fact, there are disadvantages when one search the web for information to learn violin online. This is because the web also contains much inaccurate information made by many individuals who doesn't even know the basics of violin and fundamentals of music. When one stumbles on their information, then for sure what they have read is inaccurate and what they are going to learn is the wrong way to play the violin.

It is not difficult to learn violin online. What is difficult is to find the real and correct facts and procedures about how to learn violin. Students will be confused because their may be facts that contradicts each other. Example is on the proper handling the instrument where different sources may contradict each other.

Learning violin may vary but what is important is to learn first the basic and fundamentals of music because it is general for all. The notes, pitch, rhythm are all the same in books. When one is equipped with the fundamentals of music, he or she can now look for good books when violin self-study is an option. There are many good authors of books on violin and one just have to find them. Students can seek advises from violinist because they know which sources are best.
by Steven Magill
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