Parking Tickets - How To CancelParking Tickets - How To Cancel

It is easily done. You get delayed in a shop or at the Bank, and there you have it - that annoying slip on your windscreen.

If you like me, feel that the punishment far exceeds the "crime", and would rather not pay this extortion attempt. Here is how you can go about that.

I am not saying that people should not pay for parking where justified or that a parking system is necessarily bad. I just object to the ludicrous charges and being treated like a criminal for something where there is no Injured Party. It is however much less hassle to just pay the bloody parking, than having to write letters etc. as you will have to do if you follow my advice.

What I am going to tell you may seem crazy. It will sound like a joke to some, but I challenge you to research this and you will find it is true.

The presentment you will receive from a parking office (and if you ignore that - from a Court) is not addressed to YOU. You are a living breathing being of the Universe. You are REAL. A Council, Police Force or even a Government on the other hand is not real. It is a kind of Corporation. A Corporation could be called a Legal fiction. It exists in the fictitious man-made world of legal agreements, as opposed to the real universe.

When a bird flies over a town, it can see the houses, roads, cars, people etc. but it cannot see the borders, the jurisdictions, the rules, the laws, etc. because the latter are not real. They are agreements between the town dwellers. They do not apply to birds. The bird can drop its droppings anywhere it pleases, and there is nothing the Town can do about it. Because the town has no rule over wild birds.

Well, in this brave new world of ours, it is the same. You as a living breathing being of the universe, does not fall under all the Statues, Rules and Regulations our Governments, Councils, Police, Courts and all other agencies are foisting upon us. UNLESS - you agreed to have them apply to you. And in all likelihood, you have done just that over and over, without realizing you did.

What also has happened, is that unbeknownst to you, the Government has created a Corporation with your name on it. It is usually spelled in Capital Letters, but this is not always true. Rather assume that if you get anything from Official quarters, it is addressed to your Corporation (your Person or Strawman), not you the living being.

So when you get a Parking ticket (unless it is one of these fake on-line tickets one can print our as a prank) you do not challenge the ticket as such. What you challenge and ask for proof of is that you are the "person" (read: corporation) that the related statues apply to, and not a living breathing man/woman.
You want to shift the burden of proof upon them. You also want to respond to the presentment, or you will be in Dishonour, and you will lose by default. So do not ignore a ticket.

An excellent book on this subject is Mary Crofts "How I Clobbered every Cash Confiscatory Agency known to Man". It is available as a free download on the internet. In it you will learn what to do and what not to do as regards Police and the Courts. You will also see how far this woman has gone in freeing herself from the System.

Good Luck!

Kent Bengtsson
by Kent Bengtsson
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If you want a template on how to deal with Penalty Charge Notices, as well as a free download of Mary Crofts book, you can get this at my site below. Here you can learn more about this subject. Like why you do not own your Car or House or anything else that you Registered. More Info
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