How To Survive And Recover From A Broken Heart - 7 Important QuestionsHow To Survive And Recover From A Broken Heart - 7 Important Questions

You may have experienced one broken heart or more than one. Regardless of how many you have had, you are searching for relief. Evaluating the cause can help you find relief and recover. Here are some questions to help with your self evaluation.

Can you survive and recover from a broken heart? The answer to this question is: Yes, you can survive a broken heart and not only survive it but also you can recover from it. I know how you feel, but remember it's only your emotions that's dictating now.

Your broken heart is controlling your emotions. This is the area that you should focus on so that you may survive and recover. There are seven things I want you to remember:

1. Are You Valuable?

Yes, you are because you are unique. There is only (1) you. Always think of yourself as being a part of a puzzle that can't be complete without you.

2. Do You Give Love?

Some people use the word love quite frequently however they don't ever show it. They haven't learned that love is an action word and not just a noun. If your heart has been broken, obviously you must have extended your heart (love) to someone.

3. What is Your Favorite Flower?

Imagine yourself as a flower. Most flowers need different elements in order to grow. Flowers need rain as well as sunshine. After the rain then the sunshine comes along and makes everything beautiful again. The flower doesn't stop blossoming.

4. Are You A Risk Taker?

You may not have considered yourself as a risk taker but the truth is everyone who has ever loved someone is a risk taker. When it comes to matters of the heart, there is always the risk of pain.

5. Do You Exercise?

Did you know that exercise helps get oxygen to our organs? Oxygen stimulates our brain and oxygen also gives us energy. Having a broken heart can drain your energy emotionally and physically. If you haven't been exercising, then start doing what ever exercises that you can. You can also exercise your brain with positive thoughts. Now, if you have been exercising don't over exert yourself because of any frustration you may be feeling.

6. Do You Like to Read or Sing?

Read a new book or sing a new song. But make sure that it's inspirational. We all need a spiritual lift in life due to the many situations that we encounter.

7. Do You Want to Recover and Survive Your Broken Heart?

This is the most important question for you to answer. Although it may be a difficult time do not give up the desire to want to move forward. This is what will make it happen for you.

The answers to these important questions would help you to evaluate your situation. Recovery starts with acknowledging and not denial. Go ahead and change things that you didn't like the answers to and improve on the things that may not be up to par. In your evaluation I hope that you now know that you can survive and recover from a broken heart.

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by Martha Johnson
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I believe that we all should take the time to encourage someone else and experience the joy of what life has to give. Visit The Magic Of Making Up Review Site!
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