How To Choose The Right Structured Cabling InstallersHow To Choose The Right Structured Cabling Installers

Structured cabling installation is designed to provide commercial organisations with a strong and reliable networking infrastructure. A company's networking structure is something personal, i.e., not all businesses have the same needs when it comes to networking. This article will give you some idea of what the right kind of installation company should do.

Getting a Quote

You should look for a company that has been installing cabling for some time and who have worked with a wide range of businesses. The first thing that a reliable structured cabling installer needs to assess is exactly what a business requires from its network, as this will determine how the structured cabling installation will meet the needs of that particular business. When you need to get a quote for structured cabling installation, you should choose a company that will tell you the kind of structured cabling required to meet your business needs. Once you approach a company about your cabling needs, you will receive a presale visit, the purpose of which is the identification of your particular requirements and to arrange a survey of your company site. Once these preliminaries are completed, the consultant will give you a quotation for the work.

What the Quotation Should Say

A quotation for structured cabling installation should contain a description of what the installers intend to do, a description of the process, including an estimate of the time it will take, and the cost of the installation. If you accept the quotation then it is the duty of the installers to proceed with the work as outlined and to the expected standard, and provide a full guarantee and documentation regarding the installation. You should not have any problems with the installation but the warranty will mean that if there are any blips in the system, the installers will come and sort it out. Before structured cabling was used it was very difficult to identify networking problems. Structured cabling is made up of a number of subsystems, if there is a problem it can be traced to a particular subsystem and adjusted.

Why You Need Structured Cabling

Finding the right company to install structured cabling is essential to the health of your business. Networking enables the different departments of a company to communicate effectively, networking is a cost effective way to improve communications and to keep a track of productivity. One of the most important benefits that properly installed cabling provides is to minimise the impact of any faults in your networking system. Structured cabling gives your company greater flexibility in networking and this flexibility is a necessary component in the simplification of business problems that are often complex. A structured cabling system acts as a platform, which is a starting point for information and the development of a system, including data, video and audio components. Structured cabling employs certain, standard elements to provide a flexible interface for your business systems to operate more easily and to unify your company's communication systems.
by Derek Rogers
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For information on Structured Cabling, he recommends Network 24.
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