Training Your Dogs With The Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment SystemTraining Your Dogs With The Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System

One of the situations that give pet owners a lot of headaches is when their dogs manage to get out of their property. This is because dogs can cause a lot of harm to itself and others--harm for which the owner is liable. For example, if a dog bites someone, the owner is bound to pay monetary damages and even be obliged to pay for the needed medical attention.

A dog repeatedly jumping over the fence and biting others can also be labeled as "dangerous" by local authorities. When this happens, the dog can be ordered to be "destroyed" or killed. No dog owner would want that to happen, as a dog can be an extension of family for most animal lovers.

Because of the consequences, dog owners need a way to be able to stop those things from happening. The only way to do that is to train a dog to recognize the jurisdiction in which he can walk freely. Fences can do that job to a certain extent, but dogs are too intelligent not to notice an opportunity to climb up the fence if it is too low and jump over it.

That's where a Petsafe wireless pet containment system comes in. This new technology is an evolution of the physical barrier; it works the same way by reminding dogs how far they can walk freely from the house or property. However, it uses an invisible barrier instead.

How Does it Work?

First, there are two components in a wireless containment system. The first one is the wireless electronic signal transmitter, which forms the core of the containment system. This system sends signals from anywhere within 90 feet of the transmitter in all directions to find out where the dog is.

The second component is the wireless receiver collar. This one works similarly to any ordinary dog collar you know. The only difference is that these collars are capable of emitting an electrostatic signal that stimulates the dog. This signal is triggered when the dog goes beyond the boundary, which is marked by a flag. When the dog does that, the transmitter triggers the stimulation that the collar gives the dog.

The system takes advantage of the dog's mentality of associating stimulus with an act. For example, if a dog bites your foot and you give him a spanking each time he does that, he'll associate the spanking with the biting and will avoid doing it. That's just one way of training a dog, and the pet containment system does exactly that for you. It tells the dog that it is bad to step over the boundary by giving him the figurative "spanking" in the form of an electrostatic stimulation.

With a wireless pet containment system, you can now enjoy the benefits of having a very effective pet training means that will teach your canines to avoid exceeding their free space. Moreover, the wireless pet containment system is also very safe to use dogs. It's also not harmful to humans, especially to children.
by Russ Elderman
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