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Although time is time, we could for the sake of understanding break it into time by the clock and psychological time. Time by the clock is simple, I have to be somewhere at a certain time, however psychological time is a little more interesting. I know myself through time, through experiences; I am this today I will be that tomorrow. We have the idea that I am this and I will become that.

We are going to try and understand time as a whole. In order to manage time we must know exactly how it works. Time by any standard is measurement. The clock goes from one point to the next, even in terms of yourself - you judge (which is one point) yourself as this type of person today but in the future I want to become that type of person (another point). Therefore time is two known points. I cannot say I will become that, if I do not know what that is.

So I have one point which is me now and another point projected in the future, referenced from some image in my mind derived from knowledge. So I wish to become something in the future. Measurement implies form one point to another and progress can be measured by the difference between those points. I started here today, now I am there. Progress in history, which is events measured in time, would be form the horse drawn carriage to the automobile.

The idea that you have time in the physiological sense is false. Let me explain this a little. If I am a rude person - and I say tomorrow I will become polite, why do I put it off till tomorrow? What is tomorrow in this sense? Tomorrow is an idea and a way of avoiding now, which is the fact. I think personally we do it because it is easy.

Either you do it now or not at all. On the other hand I have to be somewhere tomorrow, in the physical sense - well then that is true. There is only so much I can do physically in any give time frame.

So physiologically saying I will become something tomorrow is just an avoidance of the fact of what you are right now. What you do now will be your future. So when understanding this, time in the physical sense can be organized so as to be efficient. Then through understanding you realize physiologically that tomorrow will never come, Either you do it now or put it off, which is a poor management of time.

The fact that you can organize using time is true. What you do and what you have done, is related to time. You are the product of time. Born today, die tomorrow, your memories are accumulated points in time - through experiences. It is not about what you do with time, it is seeing the fact that you are time. Managing time, means understanding and managing you. Managing you means dealing with the facts.

You cannot turn the clock back (Fact), regrets are given birth by lack of understanding. So doing and taking action, which is brought about by understanding, is managing time.

by Paul Hegarty
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