Free Dog Training TipsFree Dog Training Tips

During these tough economic times I wanted to do a little to help people with their dog training woes so I'm giving away these three free dog training tips! These tips will not only help you with any problems you may already be experiencing with your dog but will help prevent future problems from popping up!

Tip #1: Picking the correct philosophy when training

There are basically two different types of training philosophies being taught in the dog training community these days. You have the philosophy of using punishment to punish the dog for doing inappropriate behaviors to decrease the likelihood that those behaviors will happen again. This training philosophy has been around a long time, and proponents of this philosophy like to mention that it's the most time tested proven way to train dogs.

The other training philosophy that's being taught right now is the positive reinforcement strategy. It's a type of training that originated from trainers who trained animals besides dogs that would not respond to punishment. Take training a Killer Whale or a Grizzly Bear for example. How do you train an animal that can kill or eat you if you were to cause it physical pain via punishment.

If you'd like to see a great free video on what dog training philosophy is the best long term approach for you watch this free dog training video.

Tip #2: Exposing Your Dog To Other Happy Dogs Will Increase His Social IQ

One of the greatest preventative measures you can take to make sure your dog does not develop aggression or fear based tendencies towards other dogs is to make sure you expose him to lots of other well socially adjusted dogs during the first three years of his life.

By making sure to expose your dog to dogs who are positive, and avoiding interactions with dogs who are negative you can teach your dog that other dogs are nice, fun and stimulating. In addition to painting a positive picture in your dog's mind about other dogs, your dog will also learn the proper social etiquette rules he's supposed to follow. These are rules that you can't teach him on your own. They are skills like how to read body postures of another dog, and know if a posture means he wants to play, fight, or just be left alone, and it can only be learned from other Socially competent dogs.

Tip #3: Figure out the emotional cause of the behavior and dont get stuck on the behavior itself.

What I mean by focus on Emotional Causes of behavior instead of behavior itself is that behind every bad behavior you don't want your dog to do, there was first an emotional reason for your dog to want to do that behavior.

If you can start making a habit of not immediately reprimanding a dog for its behavior, and instead ask yourself "Why did my dog do that", you'll then be able to answer the question of, "How can I motivate my dog NOT to do that behavior". This may sound more complicated then just spanking your dog, but it's not. Often times you can set up rules in your house for your dog to follow that are very similar to when your mother said you couldn't go and play until you ate your vegetables. If you can just show your dog that doing what you want him to do long enough will get him something he wants in return, you can eliminate the power struggle altogether.

If you'd like to see some video examples of how to do this, I recommend that you sign up for my free dog training tips newsletter today.

These three tips may not fix all of your dog's problems, but I think they do point you in the right direction for how to solve or prevent 98% of problems your dog may be having. If you have the right mindset of how you'rr going to train your dog and believe in it, you focus working with Emotional reasons for behavior, and you raise a puppy up to be social you'll be well on your way to a dog who will bring your life much more joy, and a lot less hassle.
by Jason Macek
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I love working with dogs and helping others with their behavior issues. I strongly suggest you sign up for the free dog training tips here
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